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Corsair UK 20% off on most items
Found 28th Jun 2018Found 28th Jun 2018
Corsair UK 20% off on most items
Just received this email. 20% of almost all items is a really good deal. Promo code: THANKU20 TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Promo Code THANKU20 expires on 07/04/2018 and excludes CORSAIR… Read more

this still works ;) got some Vengeance® Series 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 SODIMM 2400MHz CL16 Memory Kit £136.94 delivered (cheeky), cheapest by a mile


Thank you very much, got some RGB Ram for a new Ryzen build suweet.


Those are the ones I'm looking at also, although 64gb. It is tempting, just wonder if the memory price is due to fall. Currently waiting for TR 2, which is due out in 3rd quarter, looking to build a complete system nearer to the time.


Good prices on fans (especially the RGB kits) with the discount, better than Amazon.


THEY SEEM TO HAVE EITHER upped the price or excluded some items. Nope , item cheaper on amz with free postage.

MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad — Extended £14.99 Delivered @ Corsair
Found 13th Nov 2016Found 13th Nov 2016
MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad — Extended £14.99 Delivered @ Corsair
One for the PC gamers , Corsair MM300 Extended Gaming Mouse Pad , 930mm x 300mm x 3mm on sale down from £34.99.

needs expiring....


Got mine today, paid by paypal and didn't have any issues. Looks like the deal has expired now, shame as I was going to buy another as I hadn't realised what had been missing from my life and now I have one I want a spare! Thanks OP!


Mine is the 17th as well lol


just got the confirmation, mine is going to be delivered on the 17th.


I've also received a text from DHL stating it will be delivered Thursday.

CORSAIR K65 LUX RGB - £109.99
Found 15th Oct 2016Found 15th Oct 2016
CORSAIR K65 LUX RGB - £109.99
Cheapest I can find for Corsairs latest version of their K65. Price includes delivery.
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Having thought about it, it's probably because it's Corsairs rrp price and as such is not really a "hot" deal.


why cold if it is the cheepest?

Corsair Vengeance K70 Mechanical Keyboard [Factory Refurbished] £63.10 delivered  @ Corsair
Found 10th Jun 2016Found 10th Jun 2016
Corsair Vengeance K70 Mechanical Keyboard [Factory Refurbished] £63.10 delivered @ Corsair
£55.02 + £8.08 delivery. This is the Cherry MX Brown version. Browns are the middle-ground between Red and Blue - some tactile feedback but without the loud clickyness of the blue… Read more

Mine arrived. I had to call them via Skype to confirm the order as per the email and previous comments. Keyboard arrived and is as new. The only flaw over new I can see is its got a tiny scratch above the cursor keys that is hardly noticable. Great keyboard for the price and recommend the MX Brown for daily use + gaming.


Just ordered. In fact there are loads of models (from K40 to K95 RGB and other switches such as red/blue in stock) if you searched for the term 'refurbished' on the website under Shop.


Deal still valid - just ordered. The cheapest Cherry MX Brown keyboard. Hopefully the refurb is "as new". Not a gamer but pro keyboards are so expensive.


Did you actually have to give them a call to confirm the order? Ive just ordered from Corsair website and got an email asking me the exact same thing...


Just got one, amazing condition. Packaged well, you even get a new set of the wasd and number keys with the key removing tool. Thanks to OP. (I know this is an old deal but still best I could see.)

Vengeance K65 TKL Cherry Reds (Refurb) £48.74 @
Found 4th Jun 2016Found 4th Jun 2016
Vengeance K65 TKL Cherry Reds (Refurb) £48.74 @
Was just browsing for a replacement wrist rest for my RGB TKL and I came across this. Its a refurb but direct from Corsair so you'd assume its not going to have any major problems.… Read more

Ah looks like theyre all gone...hope it helped someone!


​Yeah nor me. Just probably the handful!


Out of stock? can't find a way to buy it

Corsair K70 mechanical keyboard £83.69 @ Corsair
Found 7th Dec 2015Found 7th Dec 2015
Corsair K70 mechanical keyboard £83.69 @ Corsair
K70 mechanical gaming keyboard red or blue illuminated

Available again, more info in the last thread -


Better yet, how you can buy it for the price above. There is no 'add to basket' option for the red or the blue, only 'find a retailer' all coming up at around £120+


Might be a good idea to say where this is from?

Corsair Gaming K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — Cherry MX Brown (UK) @ Corsair - £83.65 + £9.20 delivery
Found 25th Nov 2015Found 25th Nov 2015
Corsair Gaming K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — Cherry MX Brown (UK) @ Corsair - £83.65 + £9.20 delivery
Even with the hefty delivery cost, this is the latest Gen 3 version of the K70 Red Backlit with Cherry MX Brown switches for a total of £91.25. I couldn't find this keyboard anywhe… Read more
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Yes but plus delivery (£9) = £92


now dropped to £83


keyboard arrived today my son has opened it early just to test it out and he seems a happy bunny.


Ordered one for my son's Christmas present. I must have looked at loads of mechanical keyboards online over the last few days but this is the one he really wants. It's a bit pricey but still cheaper then anywhere else at the moment. Corsairs checkout was a nightmare to use, it went around in a loop, so I couldn't pay by Credit Card. I ended up paying by PayPal eventually but only after filling my own address details in the new Corsair My Account section that I had to create.


Ordered one too. We'll see how long it takes to arrive. (Finally I get rid of this old Microsoft board!)

Corsair Vengeance® M95 Performance MMO And RTS Laser Mouse — Arctic White (Refurbished) UPS Delivery £43.99 @ Corsair
Found 11th Jun 2015Found 11th Jun 2015
Corsair Vengeance® M95 Performance MMO And RTS Laser Mouse — Arctic White (Refurbished) UPS Delivery £43.99 @ Corsair
£38.99 + £5 Delivery (UPS 4-6Days) I would buy it for myself as it is a really well built aluminium mouse, but for me it has too many buttons :)


"I would buy it for myself as it is a really well built aluminium mouse, but for me it has too many buttons :)" So well built that they are refurbished.


Imagine how much luck would the mouse-horse-shoe alone would bring.


I know this is a pretty nerdy thing to say about a mouse, but.... Fit.


I've got this mouse in Black. Its amazing. If you get the buttons setup right. A lot of macroing but for MMO's and FPS' its great. Lowers DPI in Sniper Mode, its class. I paid much more than this about a year ago so this is a bargain

Corsair K70 MX Brown £106.98 + £7.50 p&p
Found 4th May 2015Found 4th May 2015
Corsair K70 MX Brown £106.98 + £7.50 p&p
Direct from Corsair. Cannot find it cheaper anywhere else. This is only for the brown switches. Currys do the reds cheaper. I've tried an mx sampler and decided it's either brow… Read more

Yep, need Brown's not reds :) I know the reds have been cheaper but I've not seen the brown's come down. The price of this in general might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it has been voted the best in category by several sites. It's now end of life as the rgb are the newer line, but I'm really not interested in rainbows on my keyboard so personally wouldn't view on those. With that said, end of life may bring their prices down further.


Yeah, but OP wants 'Browns', not 'Reds'



Not bad though I got k70 rgb from currys a while back for £100 ^^


They've been £85 before. Unless you desperately need one now I'd hold off. It may be the best price now but it's not a great price. Not voted either way.

Corsair K65 Mechanical Compact Keyboard £46.37 Delivered @ Corsair
Found 15th Apr 2014Found 15th Apr 2014
Corsair K65 Mechanical Compact Keyboard £46.37 Delivered @ Corsair
Use code PAX30OFF for 30% off Code works on all keyboard and mice, the stock on other items is a little low though. Great Keyboard at a great price. The Corsair Vengeance K65 is… Read more
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Not working here either, I think it's expired.


Has this code expired as it's not working for me?


This page has the diagrams that show linear Vs tactile but it's in Russian. Good place to start tho. I'd have to advise against the CM 'Stealth' keys as a first kbd coz they're, well, stealth.


Code not working for me either.


I have a Steelseries G6V2 with Cherry Black MX switches. It is by far the best keyboard I have ever used. I could never go back to a non-mechanical keyboard now. The difference is like night and day. All of these comments from people saying that this keyboard is expensive, or a "normal" keyboard works just as well, have either never used a mechanical keyboard, or are simply trolling.