Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription - 12 issues £12 or £5.50 through Quidco! (travel Size)

Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription - 12 issues £12 or £5.50 through Quidco! (travel Size)

Found 14th Jan 2008Made hot 14th Jan 2008
12 issues of travel size Cosmopolitan Magazine for £12 use this link for £12 -…A24

Or to get it for £5.50 go through quidco and click on their link and then when the window opens click to order 12 magazines then simply change the end of the link in the address bar to SA24 rather than OD85 and this should let you order for the lower price of £12 and you get it tracked through quidco!


fab deal ty for finding it so easy to do :thumbsup:

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£6.50 cashback through quidco which makes it £5.50!

Thanks Moneymonster have just gone through Quidco for the £5.50 deal. Can't wait for the first one to arrive.


Thanks, ordered.

Thanks i ordered too!
Just wondering how long does it take before quidco tracks the order and it appears in earning?
Sorry new to hukd and quidco ;-)

Thanks, all ordered! Heat and rep added.

I like it. Good find.It will keep the wife quite for a couple of hrs a month! Worth every penny! :thumbsup:

Great deal - fab find - just ordered 12 copies thru quidco

Just subscribed to the Cosmopolitan Mag via quidco, brilliant find thanks.

Good deal will do it in a mo

Excellent find. Just subscribed through Quidco. Thanks alot.

Excellent find! How do you add heat and rep?!

Fab just subscribed by annual DD thru quidco so it looks like the subs stay at £12 a year!

Fab deal...thank you for posting and sharing

Has this actually tracked for anyone?

An excellent find thankyou:thumbsup:

thanks just, ordering 2 as gifts


unfortunately the code does not work for Mens Health

super easy to follow deal, more like that would be super for us techno fools please.:thumbsup:

Excellent deal. Hope Quidco goes through, though not bothered should it not! Thanks!

could you please tell me how to £6.50 off with quidco as i am new to this and there is only a day left to go:roll:

[FONT="Times New Roman"][COLOR="black"][SIZE="3"]Just subscribed through Quidco, let's hope it goes through!!:thumbsup:[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]

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gemjayne you need to go to quidco and register or login then search for magazine you will find cosmopolitan in the list. Go into this and then click on the link in quidco and follow the instructions in this deal to get it at a lower price. Quidco will then track this in a few days and this will show under the earnings tab in quidco you will then get £6.50 back

Thanks for this was just looking to renew my subscription that ran out in Jan! Great find

Thanks for this was just looking renew my subscription that expired in Jan - great find :thumbsup:

Damn...I was 14 mins too late to get the £5.50 deal. Took up the £12 set Glitterz_2k7 meantioned instead.

Has anyones quidco tracked because it is still not showing in my account!

My quidco is still not showing either, it doesn't usually take this long for cashback to show on my account. Has anyone had it yet?



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it is not showing on mine yet but when i go to do a new earnings enquiry it says that this merchant may take at least 14 days to report transactions. Please wait until 29 january before submitting an enquiry. I think we will have to wait and see.

Late reply, I too ordered via Quidco for the Mrs, but it hasn't tracked as yet.

As above, I'll give it a few weeks then chase it up but for £6 I'm not too fussed at that price.

has anyone else not been charged for this yet? No money has came out of my account and worried its not been successful for me, come to think of it, I've nt had any Emails either from them

Anyone else the same?

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I had a confirmation email about half hour after I ordered.

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they have taken the money as well. I signed up to pay by card and not DD


they have taken the money as well. I signed up to pay by card and not DD

Same here - will just have to wait and see.

This doesn't work for me

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I have submitted a missing earnings enquiry on Quidco this morning

Just checked my Quidco and it's not appeared yet. anyone else missing theres?

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mine is only just showing as validated in Quidco!
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