Costa Coffee 2kg for £19 delivered @Amazon

Costa Coffee 2kg for £19 delivered @Amazon

Found 30th Nov 2014
10 x 200g bags of Costa Roast and Ground Coffee

£9.50 per kilo seems a good price to me (RRP on the website is £34.99)


V good price. Heat added.

COSTA - Lot of coffee, more like!

£20 now?

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£20 now?

£19 subscribe and save

Same price at Tesco, £2 per pack and possibly combine with a grocery voucher if ordering online.

If your a coffee drinker apologies for the tuition :P Ahem

Ground coffee = 2 days at most freshness and not even that sometimes. So when you buy and open it's advised to drink it all when opened!! LOL So buying this you might as well drink instant! (Little sick in my mouth when typing that)

However Can I Advise to buy beans instead and ground them yourself, then your Guaranteed freshness plus freeze the beans for a good years supply plus you can grind them and even brew them when ground frozen.

Ahem I thankyou :P
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