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Free drink (£3 worth of points) after ordering via Costa Collect (e.g. order £1.50 Primo milk whip and get £3 worth of points)
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Decent offer using Costa's recently expanded app ordering scheme (was being trialled but now has been rolled out to 100 locations in London). Not sure if email specific. Once you… Read more

Yep, that's right. 300 bonus points on top of your base points earned.


Do you get 300 points on your first AND fifth order?

Milk Babyccino drinks are Free at Costa Coffee (new Bonfire Spiced Drinks range now available - see OP)
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Know this was posted way back in January but thought it worth a re-share to remind people, especially with the cooler weather around the corner & their new yummy Bonfire Spiced… Read more
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Stop deleting my comments you fascist


Aww bless you, I don't bite (well not very often anyway & husband keeps me well muzzled when in public :D )


Best thing to do is order 6 of these and ask for an empty medium sized cup. Once leaving the till, put all the babycinos into the big cup, voila... Free Costa coffee! It works, I've tried it... Kindest regards


I was embellishing for the sake of humour. Bag of chips, actually, Farquhar.


Pretension, status, class - call it what you will...

100 points (£1 value) free when you register through Costa app
LocalLocalFound 19th AugFound 19th Aug
Register through Costa app and they’ll give you 100 points as a registration bonus (value of £1). You can can also register with your plastic Costa card, if you have one. https… Read more

Not as generous as Caffe Nero but still £1 off


It's a standard thing for new Costa app users and you can find this advertised at Costa cafe too. But heat added for sharing with those who might not know (highfive)


You have to pony up £70 of spending to get enough points to get a free coffee in Costa. Guess this app with free 100 points will help but some costas can't scan phone screen I found


can't disagree, plus the search is rubbish. Alternative search via google: search *SUBJECT/replace*


I didn’t see it posted, but fair enough. I’ve been on here a while, it’s a fickle place. I don’t take it personally, but each day is different. You could post the same deal twice one would go hot, one cold (for instance, I posted 2 deals recently, one was more expensive - went hot, the next was cheaper and went cold - for the same thing, which proves my point).

Found 26th JulFound 26th Jul
Buy any Costa Medio or Massimo hot drink or Flat White before 11am and you can enjoy an Egg Muffin or Bacon Roll for just £2.* Available until Wednesday 5th September.

I wish they had Greggs in more locations :)


You need Greggs for that - sausage or bacon roll plus coffee £2


Their bacon rolls are disgusting microwaved things.


Aw man !!! I read this as coffee PLUS bun for £2 :(


Didn't think £2 was particularly cheap, so what is the normal price of these things ? I love Costa, but when they have removed serviettes to save money, and mentioned scrapping newspapers, and the wifi doesn't always work perfectly, then when it does my primary school aged child cannot use it unless we spend half our time filling in a form with personal details for 'free' wifi…………. it gets a bit much.

Buy any Medio or Massimo hot drink or Flat White before 11am and you can pick up your choice of pastry for just £1.   Available until Wednesday 5th September. @ Costa
Found 9th JulFound 9th Jul
Breakfast Pastry for £1: Buy any Costa Medio or Massimo hot drink or Flat White before 11am in one of our participating UK stores from Thursday 5th July to Wednesday 5th Septemb… Read more
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I have been milking this deal


I agree. Pick up a croissant for 80p from Tesco Express (not big Tesco), plain, chocolate or Almond all really good, and then pick up your coffee from Costa. Then get Type 2 Diabetes.


This is a normal offer


It's the same as a grande or a venti. Hth.


Go to waitrose, buy a pack of pastries for £1.50 for 4 and get free coffee

Costa Cherry and Orange cooler HALF PRICE from £1.47
LocalLocalFound 7th JulFound 7th Jul
As the title says costa are getting rid of the cherry and orange cooler so are selling it for half price until its gone Small is £1.47, medium is £1.62
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Truly incredible dedication to getting a half price cherry and orange cooler (y) (:I


Rang my local branch They said the deal should be about a week


There must be an opening for Spreadsheet Monkey at Costa. “Must be able to copy, paste, sort A-Z...”


Hehe yeah, they posted the link on their Facebook page.


I hadn’t realised that list was actually published on the site, haha! Jeez Louise. There must be some logic at work, but I’m at a loss...

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COSTA Meal deal £4.95
LocalLocalFound 24th MayFound 24th May
Still quite pricy but personally I have in the past spent about £10 on a hot chocolate and panini in coffee shops so a saving if you are going anyway: OUR MEAL DEAL IS A BIG DEAL … Read more

Lunches for ‘ponces’ is a £bn industry!! Do you wrap your sandwiches in cling film or foil and put them in Tupperware or no Tupperware?


Unfortunately, the concept of "making your own lunches and meals" is totally lost on Millennials (as is buying frozen food!) In fact, if Millennials were banned from using Just Eat, Deliveroo, HungryHouse, Starbucks, Costa, KFC etc, I'm reasonably confident many of these businesses would go bust in the UK virtually overnight. Remember how they went suicidal when KFC ran out of chicken for a few days..... ;)


In what world are you paying TEN ENGLISH POUNDS for a hot chocolate and a panini?, good lord!


They don't go for the toasties in this offer. They are awful. They go for the paninis They look like own brand bargain basement affairs and taste crap.


(lol) (lol) (lol) I don’t think it’s a good deal BUT if you go there anyway then it is! If your going to pay £4 for a sandwich or a drink then you may as well get this deal instead

Costa meal deal - £4.95. Drink, toastie and snack from 11am - 2pm
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
Hot drink, toastie and crisp or popcorn or fruit for under a fiver

FYI person in front of me at an Edinburgh store (minutes before it closed) was loading the till with codes from pals, even holding things up (me paying) waiting on more. They left with two bottles of syrup (which I'm sure were as much as she paid eventually at the supermarket!) so seemed to be all good to use many there. Hoping for a free lunch this week!


I have 90p left on my gift card if anyone wants to use it?


have some heat as a deal is a deal, but be warned, this toastie is just not very nice.




Can you combine codes from Wuntu for this?

Free Lindt bunny with every hot chocolate at Costa until 4th April
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Free Lindt bunny with every hot chocolate purchase!
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Even so, I ordered a hot chocolate in one of the costas near me and never got one. Yes, the Costa store is not on the “None participating stores” list. Oh well!


Free? Hardly. You’re paying an extortionate price for a hot chocolate!


Tiny and tasty, less is more and all that. Usual price is 45p.


Yes it's the 10g ones


10g no doubt

Costa now sells filter coffee from £1.50
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Had no idea this had launched. Good bit cheaper than previous cheapest drink, the Americano. £1.50 primo size, £1.75 medio and £2 massimo. Decent better than Starbucks and Pret's v… Read more

So with this could I get a red eye coffee (filter with espresso)


Pret white filter for 49p (usually they give it to you for free as well) is the way forward. Take one with my on my commute, get one in Victoria station and one on the way back from waterloo. 99p a day, bargain Just for anyone's info - milk is free and they will wash the cup out if you ask.


I’m a barista and can’t believe people are are saying “make your own”. You don’t go to a coffee shop and then think “I can do this cheaper myself”. If people did that, restaurant’s had better watch out. Also, McDonald’s don’t serve coffee. They serve coffee tasting water


Costa are so stingy with tissues


No mention to MacDonald's 99p coffee that tastes great too... Didn't know about Prett's 49p bring your own cup deal...

LocalLocalFound 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
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The milk one is free, the chocolate one isn’t


I went yesterday and got my son one. We was charged but I said to my husband I thought they were free



It’s jusy a baby chocochino both these and the normal babychinos are free in the costa I go to.


Great price always take my two kids

Costa Deals February 2018 - e.g Bacon Roll or Egg Muffin Only £2 Promotion (with purchase of any medio or massimo hot drink or flat)
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
Hello Was fishing around the Costa site for a little more info on a deal, I found a bigger list of their live offers and some are pretty good. Bundled them into one post as it ma… Read more
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wow, how generous... I am tempted to unsubscribe from costa email list, I keep receiving this rubbish deals.


Might be quicker listing the stores that are participating.


The franchise side of Costa don't take part in these offers


Suppose they have hundreds of stores.


Heat if you find one

Triple Costa Coffee points using coffee club card or app (30th Jan - 5 Feb) @ Costa
Found 29th JanFound 29th Jan
Just got an email from Costa, I hope its not account specific and helps someone. You also get 100 points added to your account once you have signed up - new signees that is. Cos… Read more
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Every cup of Costa I’ve ever had came with a layer of film on top.


support your independent cafes. they'll make you a better coffee too!

Babyccino drinks are now FREE at Costa Coffee
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Ideal for keeping the kids busy whilst you enjoy yours... Babyccinos are now free in all our stores. What’s a Babyccino? It’s not a tiny pair of khaki trousers, it’s just lightly … Read more
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Plain milk one is free and you don’t have to buy any other drinks to get it for free. I also had the marshmallow included for free. I asked the assistant and she said it’s just the choc one that is 55p for the mini hot choc and flake or marshmallow. you can order a portion of flakes or marshmallow for 45p. I sometimes get 3 for 45p and other times 6 for 45p it depends who serves you and the costa your at.


They are on price list. Used to be 55p now free. It’s on the board


No any purchase minimum menu item price is 45p for 3 marshmallows


Our local Costa clearly advertised that Babyccinos were free on the main board that lists all the beverages (although they were trying their best to get me to 'upgrade' to the chocolate one when I ordered). Sadly my children weren't very keen but I may put some drinking chocolate powder in a small container and sneak it into Costa to mix in with the plain babyccinos next time! :{


Starbucks and Nero do free Babyccinos. Also Esquires do a free Babyccino if you buy an adult drink. A much smaller coffee shop chain ( I love independents though so any out there doing free Babyccino or other freebies comment away! Also see the below link for discounts for using your own cup for take aways:

Triple Costa Coffee points using coffee club card or app (15-21 Dec)
Found 14th Dec 2017Found 14th Dec 2017
Might be account specific. Got an email from Costa Coffee. Treat yourself to anything from the festive range between 15 and 21 December and you’ll earn triple points on your… Read more

Yeah low on coffee when posting


Sadly have to agree with you on this one - much as I love costa for their locations and warm premises with free wifi, their offers are usually for days when I am stuck at home, now this one which is only for double points unless you splash out even more money for something from the festive range. I loved living in other parts of Europe when most cafes revolved around coffee, rather than fancy stuff more suited to children ! Why do we have to copy our transatlantic cousins with things like 'skinny latte' ? Start adding all sort of caramel sauces etc and you might as well ask for a milk shake.


Were you very tired when you read the offer ? It clearly states ON YOUR FIRST PURCHASE, so no mistake really that it's a very limited offer.


I treated it as you get triple points every time you purchase up until the dates stated


Fair enough if it was every purchase between the dates that got triple points but when it's ONE purchase only it's nothing special as usual from Costa Caffe Nero having another week of double crackers is a much better offer than this costa

Costa Coffee coffee exchange
LocalLocalFound 30th Oct 2017Found 30th Oct 2017
Buy any takeaway coffee and then take it to a participating Costa outlet who will swap it for one of theirs. Obviously a good deal if you like Costa Coffee! Participating stores … Read more

I got bored reading the list


It can be an empty cup, I had 2 free coffees at lunchtime. If you bought a takeaway coffee earlier on in the day and still have the cup then take it in to Costa and exchange it for another drink. Check the list of participating stores first though, only half of the ones in my area were on it.


silly offer, cold from me too.


What an amazingly stupid and spendthrift idea, they seriously expect people to traipse across town with cups of coffee? Just give us a damn freebie if you want us to try your product Voting cold simply because I want this to fail miserably, my apologies to the OP but this is supporting waste. Costa Coffee marketing department, you suck.


works plastic coffee cups? per chance

Get Bonus 50 points on 1st purchase between 14-27 Oct @ Costa
Found 13th Oct 2017Found 13th Oct 2017
Get Bonus 50 points on 1st purchase between 14-27 Oct @ Costa.
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Ah I see what you mean! Thanks very much for your reply 😊


just double points this weekend for me


It's an e-gift card rather. Last week each e-gift card had a balance of £2.35 but if you have more phones or SIMs you could combine more than one e-gift card on the same transaction (e.g. if you use two then you would get £2.35 + £2.35 = £4.70 of free Costa) and you can use it on anything in Costa... doesn't have to be used just on coffee. I got a panini, muffin and hot chocolate last week for free with this.


What’s the free Costa gift card? Definitely want one of those! I’ve got the Wuntu app and had the free coffee last week but not seen anything about a gift card?


50 bonus points for me too. But I'll wait till next week when Wuntu gives out free Costa gift card and use that to get bouns points too :)

Babyccino 55p at Costa Coffee
LocalLocalFound 12th Oct 2017Found 12th Oct 2017
I've just found out that Costa do a babyccino. It's only 55p! It can be either hot milk or hot choc with sprinkles on top and either a marshmallow or mini flake at the side. Great … Read more
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babydrink for 55p seems right for one gulp. :/


Marry me (lol) (lol) (lol)


I hear you and i don't know why I'm bothering but you would factor is their insurance because it doesn't make the coffee worth anymore to you. They might have a cup cleaning machine worth 10 mill. Doesn't change the value of the coffee however. If you see what I mean. However the convenience of them making it and cleaning it and being their away from your kitchen should be accounted for.


Free at Pret


I'm delighted to have had such a great response to this post...

Complementary re-usable cup & free pastry when you purchase from the new costa drive thru in Winchester
LocalLocalFound 9th Oct 2017Found 9th Oct 2017
Complementary re-usable cup & free pastry when you purchase from the new drive thru in Winchester!
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How does this free reusable cup fit in my car cupholder? im just puzzling over how drive-thru coffee works. I'm not American.


You mean complimentary. Complementary would probably cost much much more.


Thanks for this @Mummashopping (y)


Maybe include what the drive thru is in the title?


Thank you for posting this. Do you know how long the offer is for? Thanks.