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Costa Dubai UAE FROM Savona (Italy) 21 day cruise - £659 @ Costa Cruises
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Posted 30th Oct 2019Posted 30th Oct 2019
Costa Dubai UAE FROM Savona (Italy) 21 day cruise - £659 @ Costa Cruises£659£1,63860%
Costa seems to be running last minute promotion on the above cruise at extremely cheap prices. £659 Inside based on twin sharing (under £330 per person for 21 days). Similarly ex… Read more

Totally agree having sailed all 4 of those I would put Costa at the top. I have probably like Holland America the best. 330 a person is an amazing deal. The Gulf seems oversupplied with boats atvthe moment, especially people are probably avoiding it a bit more than normal currently.


pirates paradise


Good to learn as I am having a cruise for a group of 100 with them in Jan!


I’ve been on seven cruises with Costa, I’ve had no issues at all. You have to understand that culturally it’s different as so so many Italians and Germans but as for the cruise itself, the food etc. no problems with them. I’ve also cruised with MSC, P&O and Royal Caribbean and I’d rate Costa over all of them


Corrected the typo. Thanks for bringing it up!

Visit Luxembourg, Marseille & Rio de Janeiro including a 17 night all Inclusive cruise from Rio to Marseille £509 @ Costa Cruises / Tap Air
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Posted 2nd Mar 2019Posted 2nd Mar 2019
Visit Luxembourg, Marseille & Rio de Janeiro including a 17 night all Inclusive cruise from Rio to Marseille £509 @ Costa Cruises / Tap Air£509£56610%
A bit of a random deal here, but this could be an excellent deal for some and provides a fantastic opportunity to visit several cities and includes a 17 day all inclusive cruise! A… Read more
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My other half works in a school and wonders why we don't go away as much as we should. If only I could go on my own and take advantage of offers like this.


Great deal, and I love the itinerary that costa do, not as posh as p&o and some other cruises but excellent value for money and some beautiful places to visit


Thats the trouble with cruises, the price you see isnt the price you end up paying, tips, drink packages. Some cruiselines are now showing the all in price eg NCL and Marella


Costa cruise ships do not have self service laundry. You can pay to have your laundry done but at high prices. i have done this cruise, and it is great fun. Brazilian laws state that any cruise sailing from Brazil must have a certain percentage of Brazilian crew, and they know how to party! I have also sailed on this ship, and she is glitzy. Costa is not renowned for their food - just so you know. If you can afford to upgrade to a balcony do so, and don't worry about being bored on the transatlantic section. Their is plenty going on, and if you are lucky like we were, the Atlantic was like a millpond and sunshine in the 80s


Don't bother drinking on the ship as the bars tend to be pretty soulless. Just go for a drink at the end of your port days if you feel like it. Brazil has pretty cheap beer in the many beack shacks you should find.

Bit of a random one! November 2019 25 Night Costa Cruise from Italy to Singapore just £709pp @ Costa Cruise
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Posted 28th Jul 2018Posted 28th Jul 2018
Bit of a random one! November 2019 25 Night Costa Cruise from Italy to Singapore just £709pp @ Costa Cruise£709
This is an odd one really. A 25 night cruise from Italy to Singapore with Costa. Obviously you'll need to add on flights so if you are a frequent flyer and have Avios/BA for your … Read more
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Even with an amicable discussion (amazingly nobody has insulted anyone, as is usually the case) the comments made by some people are very loaded and typify what is wrong with the tipping culture. A reasonable argument is spoiled by comments such as: "If you want to be a Scrooge . . . . ", ". . . if you want to be as mean as that. . ." and so on. What you are doing is telling people they are wrong in a round about way and dismissing their opinion according to your own standards. I have become very aware of a backlash against tipping particularly in poor countries, where a single tip can amount to more than a week's wages. This skews the local economy and puts unfair pressure on those who do not do the type of job where tipping is common, and creates a situation where everyone wants to do this type of job rather than do a real job (i.e. a necessary one). Then there is the problem I hear more and more about customers on all-inclusive holidays being snubbed by bar staff who don't hand them a tip on every drink serving despite the fact that no money should be changing hands. In reality, most countries I have visited never initially had a tipping culture but thanks to our friends from the USA, it has been introduced to them, and it goes through the stage of acceptable-encouraged-compulsory-bullying. Despite the best interests of those who say tipping is a personal thing, it just doesn't work like that, and there are enough greedy and hard faced people around who will make people uncomfortable for those who do not hand over extra cash. I appreciate this is a topic about cruises, and that's where the problem lies, because if I am on land and I don't want to tip, then I can go elsewhere, but on a cruise I don't have a choice. Yes, I can opt of of the 'compulsory' tipping if I want, but then we hear of incidents of the list of opt-outers posted on the staff notice board to give a free for all to give problems to those customers. I'm not saying this is the norm, but I really don't want to take the risk that this may happen on my expensive holiday. If the correct price for the trip was charged in the first place, all these problems would go away. As far as I am concerned I cannot be the guardian for the low paid staff. It is 100% the fault of their employers that they are low paid, but tipping gives employers carte blanche to continue the low pay culture . If they do their job well, they will be appreciated verbally, and that should be sufficient. I've even heard of people being expected to tip ship's officers and the captain in these extra charges. No way are they going to be poor.


Bring your own lifeboat.....

Rokjit £359


Spot on. No way we can change an industry. These workers are virtually always from poor countries and get paid a pittance.75P an hour. If you want to be a Scrooge dont go on Cruises. If you do go, dont treat these unfortunate staff as your skivvies.


Totally agree with you OP, well said.

Costa Magica, 11 night Cruise, September (Cruise Only) Itinerary -  Italy, France, Morrocco, Portugal and Spain  £399.00 @ Costa Cruises
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Posted 28th Jun 2015Posted 28th Jun 2015
Costa Magica, 11 night Cruise, September (Cruise Only) Itinerary - Italy, France, Morrocco, Portugal and Spain £399.00 @ Costa Cruises£399
11 Night Cruise from Savona Italy £399.00 (Cruise only) Including return transfers from Nice provided by Costa this works out at £435.00 per person. We bundled with Liverpool fli… Read more
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This is not true, I have been to over well over 100 ports on cruises and have only taken the ships tours a handful of times. Occasionally I get tours in the port but mainly we just jump on public transport/taxi's and go it alone, sometimes spending only a few pounds each to sample a new country/city. It well worth doing your research before you do this to make things easier however tours are not essential in most ports.


Comment Haha ok , would u say travel sickness happens if you travel less thats y ? Even in a car


Unless you want to sit in your cabin all day, you need to budget the same amount again for tours!


More than you would expect even with all the stabilising systems in place...could be psychological....would be for me I think. Probably more sick with the bugs that seem to affect cruise liners.


A good deal but remember Morocco is a Muslim country and as such: The Moroccan authorities have warned of an increased threat linked to the growing number of Moroccans belonging to international terrorist organisations operating in Syria and Iraq. As a result, increased security measures, including additional security personnel may be visible in certain areas. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by foreigners. You should take sensible safety precautions and maintain a high level of vigilance at all times. In April 2011, 17 people were killed and 25 injured in a large explosion in Marrakech at the Argana Restaurant in Jema el Fna Square. There is considered to be a heightened threat of terrorist attack globally against UK interests and British nationals, from groups or individuals motivated by the conflict in Iraq and Syria. You should be vigilant at this time

Costa Cruise Dubai  7 nights (one way) - £149
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Posted 21st Jan 2015Posted 21st Jan 2015
Costa Cruise Dubai 7 nights (one way) - £149£149
Great deal on a Dubai cruise. Combine it with the Dubai return flights deal at £295 and you have a fly cruise winter sun deal for under £450:… Read more

Great tips wavecrest, well done on bargaining so hard. Went on this cruise a few days before your post and missed the tips on Muscat, ended up paying more for a taxi. Overall we enjoyed the cruise, stayed a few extra days in Dubai and used the metro to get around everywhere.


I was on this exact cruise at Christmas. It's a few quid chaper on VivaVoyage. Don't expect the full blown luxury cruise experience. It's cheap and it is what it is. I did a review on CruiseCritic: In terms of excursions: Muscat: Walk beyond the taxis at the port to the Souk (Market) -takes about 5 minutes. Find a good english speaking taxi driver. 10 Euros per hour. They take you to all the sights in 4-5 hours. Even to the hot springs in the mountains, the big new ShangriLa resort, the diplomatic area, the Opera House, the beaches as well as the usual stuff that you get on the Costa tour like the Royal Palace, Old fort, etc... On the second day in Muscat we went to the beach near the opera house which has great sand, clear waters and is largely diserted but for a few expats. It's has a Starbucks, Subway etc right beside it. There's even a supermarket that sells IrnBru of all things... Bikinis OK. Khasab: Forget about the town - Right beside the dock, you can get a Dhow that'll take you to the Fjords, go dolphin watching and even a bit of snorkling. Takes about 5 hours and they serve fruit, saffron tea, arab coffee, bottled water and soft drinks in the basic price. Haggle down to 10-15 Euros - We paid 50 for 4 of us- all-in. It was surprisingly good. Exactly the same tour sold by Costa is EUR79 each. AbuDhabi: Jump in a taxi and do your own thing. The grand mosque is the must see attraction. Don't believe the Costa hype about dressing appropriate. The mosque will lend you the right clothing. Other things are Ferrari World, the various malls, YazWaterWorld, the MotorCircuit, the Marina etc. Taxis are cheap at £12 to the Mosque from the port. Dubai: Again, Jump in a taxi and do your own thing. If you plan to go to the Burj-Khalifa, book online before you leave. They fleece tourists who just turn up. Sunset and Dawn are the best times. Same book online advice applies to Atlantis WaterWorld. Taxis charge 20AED to pick up at the Port plus the usual metered fare. It's 90AED to the Airport and about the same to Atlantis Palm Waterworld. Dubai Mall is 40AED (10AED is £1.80) One last tip: You sometimes get a better flight deal by flying into AbuDhabi and out of Dubai, especially if you book with AF/KLM. In most cases, the flight will be on Etihad which give a free 1 hour bus trip to Dubai. We only paid £296 over Christmas




Might have gone on a cruise but we haven't got a cat. Ah well.


Not with Costa - their's is compulsory

1 Week Middle East Cruise from £169.00 various dates @ Costa Cruises
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Posted 11th Nov 2014Posted 11th Nov 2014
1 Week Middle East Cruise from £169.00 various dates @ Costa Cruises£169
Just booked this great deal today, available various dates through January and one in February. Overnight stops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi as well as stops in Bahrain and Oman. 1 week … Read more
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After 3 years of waiting in the funking list that is...


Are you a complete moron? It is one of the most luxurious destinations in the world. Ive stayed at the Chedi and travelled there 5 or 6 times and there is no where more luxurious.


Not to mention there is a much greater possibility of you getting recruited by ISIS down in Birmingham than Oman. For now, stick to your own backyard rather mate.


Comment I take it you have been there then? I used to live in Muscat, and Oman is a beautiful country. Amazing beaches and scenery, but I guess you already know that...!


"newly refurbished " "Bundle with some flights from Qatar airways approx.." Does it fly as well as roll over when you get near land and remember Captain first when you abandon ship ?

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9 Night Cruise Holiday with Flights, Hotels (days before and after cruise) 7 day Med Cruise around France, Baleric Islands, Tunisia & Italy  @ Costa Cruises (including flights from London) = Total Price per Couple £750.96 (£375.48pp)
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Posted 10th Apr 2014Posted 10th Apr 2014
9 Night Cruise Holiday with Flights, Hotels (days before and after cruise) 7 day Med Cruise around France, Baleric Islands, Tunisia & Italy @ Costa Cruises (including flights from London) = Total Price per Couple £750.96 (£375.48pp)£750.96
Ok I have put this together but obviously if you are not happy with any element you can play around but you can use this as a guide :) Total of 9 Nights including Flights, Hotels … Read more
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Good deal, people that cruise know the extras and where the value is. For 7 days you can manage with hand luggage if you pack carefully, £50pppd is good with flights for a cruise this does that with a bit to spare


well I just gave you some heat :) you have a nice weekend too xx


Hey I would like to enquire about me and a friend who finish exams on may the 28th and from 29th may to 20th June would like to go on a holiday with a warm beach or a cruise one for upto £400 each. Possibly 7 to 10 nights. If you know any good offers for us two do let me know.. Thank you :)


Stacey, you do some awesome work on here, it's only because of you that I am now looking at putting a holiday together based around one of your flight recommendations and for that I thank you, but if you don't add luggage and connections and service charges that are required to fulfill this holiday then you will be pulled up on it, it is only fair to everyone. There are some of us pointing out the fact that it will actually cost more than it says in the title, because we think we are helping the people who shall we say cannot grasp the full facts, and get slated for it. Anyway, have a great weekend and don't take things so personal <3 BTW, what IS sad is that I posted a deal OVER 2 WEEKS AGO to HELP people on here that has gone down since yesterday merely because I chose to comment on this post. THEY are the people who shouldn't be on this board, it doesn't bother me if it's hot or cold but some people may now miss out on saving £100 on a Canon camera because of them. It is very sad how bitter and twisted some people are.


DId another costa cruise, but they're all the same, loud and colourful with good food. Personally wouldn't do it again, but I'm sure others will love it, like my family did.

11 days Cruise Greece, Turkey, Malta, France @ CostaCruise @ £399
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Posted 19th Mar 2014Posted 19th Mar 2014
11 days Cruise Greece, Turkey, Malta, France @ CostaCruise @ £399£399
Have been on a similar Cruise on CostaCruise and found to be very much interesting, good food, lot of entertainment. Departure Port: Savona (Italy) Start Date: 28th March 2014 Num… Read more

Nope, flights extra. Genoa is the closest airport and a nice place to see as well.


are the flights to and from sanova included?


how do i get to italy?


Civitavecchia - didn't the Costa Concordia sail from there prior to hitting the rocks ?


It gives me a bit of a sinking feeling this deal!

Cruise Greece, Turkey, Malta, France @ CostaCruise @ £399
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Posted 19th Mar 2014Posted 19th Mar 2014
Cruise Greece, Turkey, Malta, France @ CostaCruise @ £399£399
Have been on a similar Cruise on CostaCruise and found to be very much interesting, good food, lot of entertainment. Departure Port: Savona (Italy) Start Date: 28th March 2014 Num… Read more

I like my vodka on ice


Have some heat!

Costa Cruises Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands, Antigua 1 week £50 + Service charge
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Posted 8th Feb 2014Posted 8th Feb 2014
Costa Cruises Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands, Antigua 1 week £50 + Service charge£50
Yea I know its the company with the ship that sank but £50 plus service charge seems ok. You need to get your own flight though
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Insurance wont pay out, so they are trying to get the money back, to build a new death trap. lol


Yea it changes to £549 on the final booking page.I would phone them up and ask them to honour the price on the website. Tell them your a friend of Captain Schettino. That should do the trick


Not just icebergs surprising how many islands there are in the Atlantic they could bump into;(


When you go through to the final booking page it jumps up to £549, even for the 10th Feb


£50 deal is for 10th Febuary departure,ok if you are already there,if not,think the boat will have sailed!!!

Caribbean Cruise Was £838 NOW £50pp, 7 nights, indoor cabin. you need to buy flights to Dominica Republic, Costa Magica
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Posted 19th Jan 2014Posted 19th Jan 2014
Caribbean Cruise Was £838 NOW £50pp, 7 nights, indoor cabin. you need to buy flights to Dominica Republic, Costa Magica£50
This is a great deal if you are a hotukdeal member and live in Dominican Republic. (yes i know) Its the cruise price only and does not include the flight you need to get there, w… Read more
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yea expire it! its a typo on the site they've done on purpose


ive expired it.. sorry, just trusted it to be right..


4810510.. brilliant if it doesnt price change as stacey mentions


Does it come in white?


ah well..i tried..

Cruise Only Costa Cruises £199 for a week around the Med
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Posted 28th Dec 2013Posted 28th Dec 2013
Cruise Only Costa Cruises £199 for a week around the Med£199
Costa Cruises have been reduced. I'm a teacher so I'm stuck to school holidays, the one leave on the 16th Feb fits perfectly for me, and although I had to overpay on the flights th… Read more
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Hi can't actually remember as we did all inclusive last time think we paid for our first drink on the ship which was about 5 euros for a beer and then service was added on too


Teachers and parents are limited to school holidays and we do appreciate any HUKDer pointing out a school holiday deal so thank you OP. If I were to find and post a similar deal then I would probably point out that I'm a parent. That's not me boasting about being a parent it's simply me explaining why the deal was of interest to me and might be of interest to other parents. To those who feel the need to be so obnoxious against the OP because they believe that teachers have an easy ride then either take advantage of it yourself by training to be a teacher or stop your pathetic jealous rantings. Surely if it's the ever so easy, well paid career that you claim and you were good enough to become a teacher then you would have become one? If not, why not?


Can you remember the bar prices? How much for a pint, and soft drinks? I haven't actually paid for the inclusive drinks deal yet.


We are thinking of going For the all inclusive we did when we went on costa cruise in October but probably only just spent as much as we paid so still debating it . May just get my parents who are coming with us to do the all inclusive


We will be on the same ship then as you but get on two days earlier at Barcelona . My parents ended up with inside room and have since Uograded to a balcony on deck 6 and we got an outside room On deck 2. We were thinking of upgrading but probably won't as just grateful we Got upgraded up an outside room which is same size as balcony room Minus the balcony We were looking at getting on at savona but found the flights expensive and so opted for Barcelona and will just have to take son out of School a couple days early

£199 Balcony Room 11night full board cruise; Italy, Greece, Israel, Turkey @ costacruises
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Posted 25th Nov 2013Posted 25th Nov 2013
£199 Balcony Room 11night full board cruise; Italy, Greece, Israel, Turkey @ costacruises£199
Costa cruise leaving 9th December from Savona returning (Captain willing) 20th December. Return flight from Stansted to Genoa costs £105 per person with easy jet flying 7th-21st. … Read more

I have a bad feeling about this one))


this deal seams to be sinking very fast


You mean Palestine?


also an 88 euro service charge per person!!


At this price it had to be costa

Costa cruise departing from Venice Full board 9days, Departs 7July, Iternity Greece, Turkey, Croatia £249pp instead of £1349.00. Incredible deal!
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Posted 3rd Jul 2013Posted 3rd Jul 2013
Costa cruise departing from Venice Full board 9days, Departs 7July, Iternity Greece, Turkey, Croatia £249pp instead of £1349.00. Incredible deal!£249
For this time of the year this is an absolute steal even if you factor travel cost to Venice. Ship Costa Fascinosa.Spectacular in every environment: Costa Fascinosa is the ship of … Read more

Costa and msc price the uk to make them competitive once the travel costs are included makes them cheap when you don't need travel


ahh damn! i would've definitely book for this if i didn't have some family friends visiting next saturday... it will be too tiring even if i can scrap it. voted hot anyway!


Thanks OP, a great find. Heat added. I won't be taking up the offer myself, ships, water and myself don't mix!!!!!!!:(


yes u have


Just as a point on Greece, the police men who were found guilty got sacked...also....Greeks always protest but you never see anyone getting killed...its a civilized country

Save £700, Costa Cruise :: France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta :: Cruising Italian Style. That's Amore
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Posted 2nd Mar 2012Posted 2nd Mar 2012
Save £700, Costa Cruise :: France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta :: Cruising Italian Style. That's Amore£699
Save £700. Was £1399 There's never been a better time to book that dream cruise Itinerary France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta Departure date 2 May 2012 Ship Costa Magica Number o… Read more
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and be first in the lifeboats


Nor this one, the way things are going.(_;)


Well, it didn't work out for our last Government, did it? ;)


All aboard the failboat![image missing]


I'd like to die in Land, not in water :(

Costa Cruise Barcelona 7 Nights £99 per person
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Posted 22nd May 2011Posted 22nd May 2011
Costa Cruise Barcelona 7 Nights £99 per person£99
yes you have to make your way to barcelona but... or £149 for Outside Description Join Costa Cruises for an intense itinerary made of exciting landscapes, ancient artifacts and … Read more
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Really weird - prices seem to be going up again - cheapest in June now is £399.


Well I booked this for mine and my wife's birthday. Took our 6 year old son and it was a fantastic deal to say the least ! £470 with sea side balcony (£199 instead of the £99) and we took a £360 flight (LHR via Geneva to Barca using Swiss Air). We did our own tours at each port and saved some money as they were quite expensive (circa £30 per person per trip or a little more or less). Best place was Rome and the Colosseum although the train journey from the port was over an hour and sweaty and full. We took a Malta open top Bus Tour which was great and walked up a mountain to a castle (which was closed!) in Palermo (Sicily). As James said though what a great deal. It did say the original price per person was over £1000 each so probably my best ever purchase from HUKD :-) I would definitely take one again as it was very clean, food excellent, service excellent and overall value for money brilliant ! Thanks OP !!


Well we booked the cruise with Costa after seeing it on here, 2 adults, 2 children, including flights and transfers etc, went with an outside cabin as that was all they had left 4 berth cabin wise, including the flights etc it was just over a grand, OK we had to pay the service charge whilst on board but that is normal with cruising in some way shape or form, and can anyone tell me where they can have a week long family holiday full board with some excellent 6 course evening meals, in cabin breakfast, unlimited buffet food all day long, tea, coffee, water and juice at breakfast etc for the price we paid and visit some great destinations every day, overall this was excellent value for money. The only downside was the international flavour of the guests (yes we know its an italian line so there would be a lot of italians on board) the italians are very rude etc but nothing that really bothered us too much. As this was a last minute unexpected holiday we didnt take much spending money and aside of the hotel service charge we spent £80, and had a great week!!!! If this cruise cam ealong again at this price and it suited with home commitments etc we would have no hesitation in bo0oking again:-) Thanks OP for costing me just over a grand, but I got a great tan now!!! :-)




June prices have started to drop. some agents have new pricing not showing with costa yet. keep checking this link for June

7 Night Med Cruise From Only £299pp @ Costa Cruises
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Posted 8th Apr 2011Posted 8th Apr 2011
7 Night Med Cruise From Only £299pp @ Costa Cruises£299
Had an email (again) from Ryanair advising of these special offer cruises on Costa Romantica Costa Cruises eastern Med Cruise from Rome 7 nights from £299 june + sept+ oct going t… Read more

Would love to go on a cruise this year anyone got any suggestions for taking a 12 year old? Would want him to have plenty to do so as hes not bored, which ship is best for that please?


All true, Rome not a cheap place to fly to either and Costa doesn't have the best reputation. Royal Carribean out of somewhere easy and cheap to get to (eg Malaga) can be a much better bet.


Not a bad price if you're wanting to try out a cruise holiday, I love them :) Word of warning though... Civitavecchia is miles from Rome, a good 1hr 20 on the train or 2hrs by coach, I was surprised when we went that it was so far. So it won't be cheap - and if you are late, the captain won't let you board (this happened to a few of our unfortunate holidaymakers!)


I'd want a private jet for £2,000.


Excursions included ?