COSTCO  - 3 Pandora Charms for £55 (Inc VAT)

COSTCO - 3 Pandora Charms for £55 (Inc VAT)

Found 13th Nov 2010
1 box with 3 Pandora charms in.
You cant choose each individual charm but a set of 3.
Still a good deal.
Apparently started yesterday in Chester and selling like hot cakes.


Sounds like a good deal, any idea what charms were on offer?

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Is that with the VAT?
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Not sure what charms there where but my wife has checked on the pandora web site and they come to £66 the ones she got.
£55 inc the VAT.

Don't suppose they have the bracelets also?.

Yes I got a bracelet with 3 charms on (1 glass 'n' 2 silver) 4 just ova £100 a few weeks ago but they are still selling them.

The price includes VAT. My friend bought some the other day at the Leeds branch and they are the £23 charms. They also had some bracelets too - I think the ones with a couple of glass beads and spacers were about £102.

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As posted above the where bracelets on sale in Chester branch today..

omg i need to get a card for this place they were so snobby in the one in chester
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