Costco Executive Membership upgrade, earn cashback and claim back your fees

Costco Executive Membership upgrade, earn cashback and claim back your fees

Found 9th Apr 2013
Just been into my local Costco Warehouse and they are currently allowing you to upgrade to the Costco Executive membership on a pro rata basis. I was charged £7.50 for three months.

The Guarantee you are getting is, at the end of your subscription as long as you renew,. If your 2% cashback statement is LESS than the fee you paid (in my case £7.50) you get to keep your voucher off coupon and get the fee back as well!

Its a win win situation, upgrade for their fee, earn the cashback and claim back your fee if you earn less! Great way to trial the more expensive membership!
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Which is your local please?
This is nothing new! If your 2% savings don't exceed your fee, you get your money back. I have a trade executive card which costs me £60/year for me and one other but last year I received >£50 back so I was ok. Might be different this year though.
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I never knew that. I assumed it was new as there was a big push and promotion in my warehouse. Thanks for letting me know thats interesting!
Even better deal when you get the Amex card. That gives you a further 1% cashback on your Costco spend (making 3% in all), plus 2% cashback on travel spending and 3% cashback on restaurant spending. We got £368 cashback last year.(which you get as cash from your local store).
I also have a trade executive membership and confirm that it's nothing new, sorry!

If you apply for their American Express card:
1. You can pay Costco with it (it's the only credit card they accept).
2. You get a Costco voucher from American Express at the end of the year, and this is on everything thing you spend on your
mastercard, not only at Costco. Last year I got ~ £67 cachback from Costco and £47 from American Express.

Like 'royals', this year might be different :-(
Actually you can use any American Express card not just the Costco one
does the amex costco card have any annual fees to join?
will pop in later thanks
Amex costco card costs you £20/year. But they occasionally offer £20 costco voucher when you apply for amex card. So 1st year free.
I have the Amex Platinum Cashback Credit Card 1.25% on almost everything, Costco is 0.5% so I may go for that one later on this year. Its pretty awesome either way as I have £230 cashback from August and I just use it for my day to day spending
Does anyone know the requirements for an Amex card? Do you have to earn a certain amount before they will accept you?
They are usually around a good credit score and around £20,000 - £50,000 annual income as a household.
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