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Unleaded £1.399 / Diesel £1.619 @ Costco (Reading)

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I went into Costco Reading and shown are today/tomorrow prices. Compared to other local fuel stations, it was atleast 25p per litre saving for me and almost recovers the cost of the yearly Membership with one visit and when you fill up your car. You will save money with every visit as long as you are local to a costco fuel station.
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You will need a Costco membership to purchase this item.

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    My local Costco with a garage is 20 miles away.
    I wait until I’m near empty and need 55 litres.
    Get there at 05.55 am.
    Fill up at 06.00 am and drive home, no waiting or traffic.
    At todays posted price it’s 19p a litre cheaper than an garage near me.
    That saves me £10.45p a tank.
    I make sure it’s when I’m passing or need a large shop.
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    Costco fuel is worth the annual fee alone
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    This is the one local to me Chester , filled up yesterday, but nightmare with que’s
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    Sadly it's out of date or takes few days to reflect the actual price in store
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    What are the queues like at Reading? I don't have a membership but tempted to get one just to fill up, I'm in West Reading so just one junction down.

    I was in Reading Gate Retail Park a couple of Saturdays ago and there was a queue right back to the A33, not sure if that was just for petrol or not though. I'd fill up around 9-10am during the week if the queues aren't too bad. (edited)
    Been there this afternoon, it's about 10mins.Week days r quiet.
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    Heat added
    Thanks much appreciated!
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    If costco can sell at this price then surely others can. Shows why the leading fuel companies are making so much profit..
    If Tesco charged a £30+ membership fee to join, they could reduce their fuel prices.
    They'd be out of business within weeks. (edited)
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    I wish Costco in Cardiff had a fuel station. This is a bargain price as by me diesel is currently 1.80 a litre (edited)
    Costco Cardiff need to get this sorted. I've been waiting for years for them to do it 😏
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    still way more expensive than it should be and Costco are still making two or three times more per litre than they did 6 months ago but at least they are doing something about dropping the prices. Most supermarkets and nationals are currently making between 20p and 30p per litre more than normal and are racking it in. MSM very quiet on the subject
    Gateshead usually drop their prices when asda do so, generally only 5p cheaper than asda
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    £139.90. 2023 prices have landed.
    It definitely is the amount we will end up paying shortly for a filling up our cars
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    Wish there was a fuel station at the Leeds one. Nearest is Sheffield for me.
    They're trying to get planning permission for one!
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    £137.9 in Birmingham Costco
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    I know fuel is pricey but nobody can afford that! You missed out a dot in your heading.
    Thanks I have corrected it now
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    Great prices 
    I avoid Costco store  now as it takes about 30 minutes to get into the car park because of the cheap fuel
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    It was the same price on Friday ( my local BP is 1.83 for diesel and that's not even premium ) that's why I go here twice a week for my van
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    Watford was 139.9 on Friday when I filled up
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    Finally the Reading one has the cheap price!
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    Just filled up there is morning!
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    Costco seems to vary wildly across the country. Currently 144.9 / 167.9 at the Gateshead store.
    It was 1.65 yesterday and we noticed it as well recently Gateshead seems to be paying for all of the others higher prices. When it went down everywhere else last week we were still on 1.75
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    Filled up at Southampton on my way down to Devon on Friday and swung past on the way back today to top up again, doing a load of miles over the Christmas period so the fact it saves me around £14 a tank and is a "Premium" diesel actually means its worth having a Costco membership for once.

    Shocking to see local garages still over £1.80 a litre.
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    Now if only the rest of the countries greedy retailers would follow suit!
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    In the current climate this is a great price (edited)
    You're the current climate
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    Do you need to be Costco member to buy fuel there?
    I'm guessing....YES
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    This was discussed widely the other day, Haydock have been charging this price for a while. Costco seem to be one of the few places that keep their fuel prices as low as possible.
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    Supermarket prices should be tracking closely to this but they're sadly 20p more expensive
    Because they can't subsidise their fuel costs by charging customers a membership fee.
    Would kill their main business, unless you think people would pay £30 a year to join Tesco?
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    Always bloody huge queues at the Trafford Park store pumps
    Not at 7.00am
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    Wow. We needed a Costco visit anyway but it looks like we'll be filling up the tank too.
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    Great price! Unleaded round here is 152.9 atm generally. Echoing the vain wish that the Leeds branch had a petrol station!
    Keep emailing and tweeting Costco. I remember sending them atleast a dozen emails/tweets over the last 2 years and if there is enough customers complaining they might open one
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    I don't know anything about them, but have seen this spoken about elsewhere: facebook.com/DAR…Ltd
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    I'm afraid that for Reading area that is a good price...:-(
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    Weirdly Sheffield has gone up to 145.9 according to the link. Has been 142.9 for the past few weeks. How can they be 20p PER litre less than most other places though - it’s disgusting!!
    It's shocking isn't it, time we boycott the main fuel stations for ripping us off
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    Gateshead one is coming up as 1.67 now for diesel I paid 1.74 on Thursday
    49002815-XWkJM.jpgThis was yesterday.
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    Why is everybody fuelling up? I thought everyone is working from home.
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    Tesco Extra and Sainsburys superstore in Reading currently charging 148.9p
    Not quite a 25p saving if you're local to the area.
    139.9p is cheaper than 148.9p though.
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    I paid 137.9p yesterday at the Costco in Birmingham
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    £1.599 at Oldham
    Unleaded £1.399 (edited)
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    Excellent price! Not a Costco member? Then not for you!
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    With the price difference on this, just consider if you fuel up a lot it might just make sense to get membership as the cost of a year's fuel from costco (if the price gap is still this big) might actually pay off.
    Yep it certainly had been worth it this year.