Costco Instore Reversable Wrapping Paper 49M £2.34

Costco Instore Reversable Wrapping Paper 49M £2.34

Found 30th Dec 2014
In store in my local Costco Leicester, Reversible Wrapping paper 49M amazing value for money
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Any other Christmas stuff reduced ?
all christmas stuff reduced extra long wrapping paper, crackers with silver plated stuff in, toys, ornaments all stuff really I got my son a Step 2 workbench rrp 75 but was £18
49 metres??? wow how big is the roll? never seen this much in a role before, most I have seen is 15m, and its reversible too, cool.
Its normal length and about 10cm wide much easier to store than loads of little rolls does both kids and adults is also great quality so wont tear easily whilst wrapping do 85 metre rolls 90p i paid got loads left from the rolls i ordered
these badboys are amazing!! I used one roll over 2 christmas' and they wrapped my then 1 yr old and then 2. we all know how big those toys can be?! and wrapped everyone elses gifts in yhe family using reversed side. absolute bargain.
Yep we are the same, it is good stuff we are on our second year for one roll and still got some left , good quality and fold easily. Second time we have bought it will do it a fusion when this one finally runs out
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