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Costco Ktc 5ltr sunflower oil £3.75 instore
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Costco Ktc 5ltr sunflower oil £3.75 instore

Posted 21st May 2017

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£3.80 in asda, if you are not a member of costco


this post still hot
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Time to start filling up the van at Asda again
any good for my diesel

any good for my diesel

Depends what engine youve got. Bio diesel, used veg oil and straight veg oil is a very big subject in and of itself,with a huge amount of info online. But I can tell you that I ran my Skoda Fabia 1.9 SDi on fresh tesco veg oil and ktc soya veg oil a few years ago for quite a few miles. I topped up the bottles with white spirit and left them overnight then poured it in. Ran fine from Manchester to Endinburgh and for a month or two general use, but eventually it did become harder to start and white smoke on startup, so I changed the fuel filter, ran a liqui moly diesel cleaning additive through it and switched back to normal diesel as I couldn't be bothered damaging my car for the minimal savings.

Basically if you do it in warmer weather on an older more simple diesel, preferably non turbo, 8 valve with a bosch pump/injectors that isnt worth much and you mix in abit of petrol/diesel/white spirit (non kerosene based for tax reasons) and you use an additive from time to time then you will probably get away with it for quite some time, if not for the life of the vehicle. VAG SDi, Pug XUD and Old Merc 300 D are favourites, Plus the old non turbo Renault/Iveco/Fiat/Citroen/Peugeot "Sofim" van engines would be also probs be ideal. If you want to do it properly then you should get an svo heater kit fitted or build a bio diesel refinery in your back garden.
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ok thanks for the info
All HDI engines work perfectly, no additives req. Wikipedia or google for the list of vehicles. PPO is renewable, I do it for the planet.
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