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Arcade 1UP Machine - £119.96 inc. VAT instore @ Costco, Southampton

In store: Southampton · Costco Deals
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A few in stock at that price.
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    Nothing in Sheffield
    Thanks. I was about to drive there :(.
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    None in Oldham. I've just been.
    Was just about to ask. I'm guessing you've been queuing since December to check lol
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    Still £239.96 in Coventry branch
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    Anyone able to confirm availabilty at other sites...Birmingham or Coventry ideally!
    Only Pac-Man one available in BRUM and it’s 149.99 exc vat.
    I wanted MK;( (edited)
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    Looks very small. Compare it to the size of price label

    Is it actually this one?

    49371797-tc6qa.jpg (edited)
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    Anyone converted these to something like Batocera/Emulation station?
    Mines below running a virtualman image on a pi4 - Turtles cab, so 4 player goodness.

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    Why people are getting crazy for this old gaming bulky machine?
    Those of us who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s have fond memories of these types of arcades and the machines in them.

    Not everything has to be about consoles.
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    £199 in Chester
    Was that plus VAT or inc? Do you know if they had the pinball at all?
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    Is only one game in it?

    Is it only one game in it? (edited)
    It’s Mortal Kombat trilogy

    It’s the Mortal Kombat trilogy
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    Got one with riser £179 Bristol. Now I have to take it home and explain it to the missus  
     Pray for me 
    Both this and one of the digital pinballs are on my radar but for similar reasons it’s a no go. Realistically I have no idea where I’d put either 
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    This is literally what they arw worth, flimsy horrible controls.
    But quite easily upgraded to nicer, more expensive ones.
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    INSANE price
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    Any in Haydock?
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    I want a tabletop Phoenix space invader one where you had to shoot the rotating belt of the ufo to get to the little Alien inside while being attacked from flying minions.
    That's called the cheese machine 😄
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    Fun for a couple of weeks , then in the way and collecting dust from then on lol
    Can't even use them to hang clothes on
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    THANKS OP, got some new toys from there this morning, managed both in the trolley

    Is that Haydock?
    Did they have any Mortal Kombat or A1Up Pinball's?
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    If anyone can get one happy to refund in full plus petrol and shipping? None in manchester!!
    Keep dreaming
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    I’d snap one up at that price if I was local 
    I'd snap one up if I was little
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    Cardiff Costco? I’d join to get one at that price!
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    Can you grab me one of each and I’ll come collect tomorrow? Anyone confirm if Watford or Milton Keynes have for this price?
    Watford did on Thursday
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    Any in Glasgow?
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    If anyone can get me 10 LMK !
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    Looks like good photoshop photo, lol
    49370113-ugftL.jpgIt was taken this afternoon along with the Pinball Machine deal .
    Here's a close up of the price tag I also took.
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    Can these be modded? (edited)
    Yes. Plenty of YouTube videos showing mods. You can even use a Nintendo Switch if you want.
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    Absolutely crazy price. Happy with my Legends Mini though.
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    "you mean you gotta use your hands ? that's like a babys toy" !
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    I'd buy it just for the casing etc and install a full emulator set up

    They starting at nearly £500 if you look.in the site so this is mental price (edited)
    But you're not going to buy it.
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    So one store had a few units to clear stock and this ends up the hottest deal of the day ? :/
    And will have all gone yesterday I suspect
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    Can they be hacked for new roms?
    Modded to run Raspberry Pi’s but not hacked.
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    Yawn. These things are tiny and only have a few games. They could easily put hundreds of games on them but they don't, they put a few different games on each machine.

    You can't even hang clothes on it like the exercise bike you bought and used for a week.
    How to say “I’ve never owned one and don’t understand how licensing works” in a roundabout sort of way ..
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    Wow, been wanting one of these for ages, was in my nearest costco 2 days ago wish had looked harder!
    Different prices at diff stores, not all like this

    Likely manager put it at this price to get rid of em and make space
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    So the recent comments have led me to believe that this is just a one off. Oh well, still heat. Really want the Pacman one
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    Also in Watford but they aren't full size. I'd say they are more suited for kids
    Same price?
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    Anyone confirm Gateshead?
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    Purchased the last mortal combat from costco Derby for £179 Inc vat. So this is a bargain. They come with a riser to make them full size or desktop
    They do have unused returns coming in now and then from people who change their mind so worth a look. (edited)
    Have they got any others?
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    Blimey! I have 2 of these from Costco and paid full price over the years. Great machines. Does anyone know if they are being sold off at Derby and if so what price? Cheers All.
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    Anyone want to buy me a mortal kombat and ship it?
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    I don't even have Costco nearby I'm depressed now
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    Nothing in Oldham
    I've seen the PacMan ones in Oldham about a year or 2 ago but never say them since.