Costco Vanish Gold £6.58 for 1.4kg

Costco Vanish Gold £6.58 for 1.4kg

Found 29th Apr 2014
This is a cracking price, £14 for the same one in Asda.
This stuff works much better than the original Vanish especially on babies clothes after feeding. We've had to throw out loads of whites that the stains wouldn't come out of, with this stuff soak in hot water and rub a bit of the powder in the stain and leave for a minute or 2 then out straight in washing machine. Even works on clothes where a nappy leaks from the back too
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Not usually worth posting costco deals on here - people who don't have membership dont look at the deal for what it is - they just vote cold because they can't get it...

Never understood the mentality, I see deals all the time for places like b&m and home bargains neither of which are anywhere near me but I wouldn't dream of voting cold on them just because I can't benefit from the deal..

I had a feeling it would go cold with it being a costco deal but still there's a lot of people in here who are members and for that price..... Well I bought 10
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