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Ring Full HD 1080p Video Doorbell 2 with Chime £134.89 @ Costco
Refreshed 15th AprRefreshed 15th Apr
£134.89 shipping included

Thanks OP, i managed to pick this up for £131 in Costco Sheffield on Saturday (slightly earlier than the 15th live date) :) . To answer any questions/provide a real impression: - It includes the normal chime (non-pro). - It does includes 6 month cloud service (i've checked on my subscription, which also has no card details associated either at present). - It's very easy to install (my pre-existing chime and transformer lacks the min 8V, so it's currently just battery.. though had it been 8V> it still would have been fairly straightforward to re-wire from existing doorbells wires if you have these - i'm a DIY novice and found it very easy!) - The response delay depends heavily on WIFI signal reach (I did have to spend a bit of time getting the interference down over the weekend after initial disappointment i.e. I found the notification to phone was good, but completely pants to the chime ironically given it's a doorbell first and foremost! I've now got this resolved and get minimal delays to both phones and chime, so i'm happy so far.. i pre-warn this takes time though and is very case by case on installation!) - Battery drain so far hasn't been bad (appreciating it's fairly new obviously). - Motion detection i'm finding to be pretty good actually. I live parallel to a busy road and through the settings i've adjusted it to only pick cars coming up very close to the house (so far it's only tracking the postie, flyer people, cars parking outside and myself/better half going in/out of the house - no excessive traffic noise etc.) For comparison, I have Arlo cameras which are a nightmare when it coming to motion detection configuration (pick up every moving car!) Hopefully the above helps someone (as i spent a ton of time trawling youtube, reviews etc. prior to pulling the trigger and buying (y))


Cheers for that


Yes, it can be switched off


Good when they work, mine doesn't about 70% of the time!


I hate that it makes an obnoxiously loud tone to the person who pressed it. Surely this can be switched off?

Ring stick up camera wired wireless £124.89 @ Costco
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
cheapest price ever
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The old traditional DVR or NVR camera option is outdated. Would have liked for this to go down to £99 mark - but going to bite now!


great price for this cheers. Personally had the old skool camera and hard drive option and the service these new smart cctv camera brands offer are priceless if your serious about security. heat added


Remember to add £15 membership fee if you arent already a member.


So it is a £50 camera that costs £125. Not my idea of a bargain and certainly not at £2.50 a month to be able to record footage. Better buying a camera and hard drive for your pc and some free software and you have a much better and expandable system.


Not sure if instore

Dormeo Memory Plus Mattress, Super King at Costco for £199 inc delivery
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
was £229 in store ( on offer ) Other sizes available too, Good reviews The Dormeo Memory Plus mattress features a 14cm deep Ecocell layer and 3cm of memory foam, with Carbon fibr… Read more
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Thanks for posting


Got the double version of this a few weeks ago. Best mattress I've ever had. Quite firm.


Very good price for super king mattress.


Awarded “Which” Best Buy last year


Seems like a good deal. Has anyone on here have any experience with this mattress company? Need to replace mine soon and not sure what brand I should go for?

Doremo Memory Foam King-Size Mattress - £189.99 from Costco
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
Found this Which Online? rated Best Buy memory foam mattress in a CostCo warehouse for £199.99 last week, AMazon sell it for about £240, now it's on CostCo Online for £189.99 ! T… Read more
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If any issues you can always return back to them If you have a receipt?


We bought one of these from Dormeo direct when they had a 50% off sale. Threads loose all over, stitching had come out on the padded top too. If it was comfortable we would have been fine with it, but it really wasn't an improvement on the 4 year old cheapo memory foam mattress we bought on Amazon. We ended up buying a Casper which is much more comfortable.


I had one of their premium Hybrid Octaspring superking mattresses that cost approx £1100. It was constructed with a new type of spring made from memory foam. Within two years the foam springs had pushed up through the top layer, causing tears and gaps in the top layer of foam. Dormeo customer service and warranty was shockingly bad. I spent months chasing them to get a warranty return and was passed through to several levels of customer service representatives. They stopped responding to my calls and emails. I had to escalate this to the bed shop that was a Dormeo reseller. They took on the warranty claim on my behalf but also go nowhere with Dormeo. Ultimately the store replaced the mattress for me and took the hit for the Dormeo one. They have since stopped acting as a re-seller. Although my experience was with a different model of mattress, based on the Dormeo customer service (or lack of!) received I would not touch these with a barge pole and would advise anyone against purchasing. Their 15 year warranty sounds great on paper but is worth sweet FA as they do not honor it.


Better off with a water bed. Although after getting one my wife and I drifted apart.


Is this better or Silentnight 1000 pocket sprung one?

Hue Starter Pack - £95.96 Instore @ Costco (Milton Keynes)
LocalLocalFound 6th AprFound 6th Apr
3 B22 colour bulbs and a hub, pretty good value! If you have the hub already then you can sell for between £25-£30 for this making the bulbs real cheap! I got in store at Milton K… Read more

No Philips hue stuff in Costco croydon


Here's hoping Amazon price match ha


Anyone know if this is with all costco's or just a specific store special?


Great deal. Hot

LG 55UK6750PLD Ultra HD 4K TV - £479.98 Instore @ Costco (Reading)
LocalLocalFound 6th AprFound 6th Apr
LG 55UK6750PLD 55 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR 5yr warranty included. £530 in JL and Richer Sounds Found in-store in Reading Costco

No boring standard spec tv


With a price to match!


Any good?


cold old spec tv


LG 55SK8000PLB 55 Inch Super Ultra HD 4K SMART TV £649.99 @ Costco
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Just posting for people's opinions as I'm undecided. Also, I don't think it comes with magic remote. Here is the website's blurb: Listen. Think. Answer with LG AI (Artifici… Read more

I can just imagine LG saying they have engaged 'Dooper' mode with 8K to make it Super Dooper Ultra HD (lol)


LoL, makes my standard Ultra HD OLED screen sound crap :)


I have seen this it is not great spend a bit more and get OLED you won't regret it


Only from viewing it a few times in Currys. Looks pretty good to me, but not easy to tell in store.


Thanks for that. Do you have any experience with this tv?

LG 55UK6500PLA 55 Inch Ultra HD 4K SMART TV £449.89 @ Costco
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Reduced from £479.89 to £449.89 now. 5 year warranty included Also available from Power Direct for £449:… Read more

Poor side viewing angles and local dimming is a bit odd, 4k is superb though


any good, seems a decent price for a 55inch tv


It's the same panel so probs just local dimming on the 6500 and extra hdmi


what's difference between this and the LG 55UK6200PLA for £399 on Amazon The LG 55UK6300PLB is £447 what's difference in all 3 apart from the price obviously

Logitech G29 driving wheel and pedals for PS4 and PC £167.98 @ Costco (Old Trafford)
LocalLocalFound 5th AprFound 5th Apr
Spotted this in Old Trafford Costco.
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No as it would have cost me about £100 to get up there. I'm a bit skint this month so will wait for these £130 Curry's deal when it comes along. (unicorn)


Currys have even included a gear shifter for £130. Wait for a better deal if you can.


did you buy it?


It's the cheapest at the moment so hot from me (highfive)


Awful price currys sell it for £130 every couple of months, get a thrustmaster instead 8)

Philips 49PUS8503/12 49 Inch 4K UHD SMART Ambilight TV - £799.99 @ Costco
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
This TV is 1000.00 on amazon I am drawn by the built in soundbar with 45watt output does anybody have any experience of this set particularly the OS I’m trying to decide between th… Read more
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i have the 7383 and the android interface is fast and responsive. only has the itvplayer app tho and none of the other catch ups. the smart interface recently had a netflix style makeover which i like , it even links in with netflix and has shortcuts for you to continue where you left off on netflix etc. its no firetv stick replacement but its not half bad. all imo of course


Ambilight is great though, the OS is not too bad, I just had to install a USB 3.0 drive and use that for extra memory for all the apps I installed. I mostly use the just the source button tbh to go between inputs so I've never really had a TV's OS sway me as a £40 Android box or Firestick overcomes that, also has Chromecast built in, but I would find going without Ambilight a big loss lol Netflix and Prime Video both play UHD content without issue too if thats important to you? I do like Panasonic too and my other TV is a high spec Panasonic.


Yes I think this is Android - so based on this the Panasonic is preferable even taking into account the 45W built in soundbar


Buy the 55” OLED for £200 more (y) (only partly serious) Don’t Philips run Android? If it’s anything like my Sony XF90 it will be absolute dog s**t

Titan backup cooler (24L) - With "cool wall" freezable sachets £22.78 - Costco In Store
LocalLocalFound 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Grabbed this from my local Costco today as I was looking for a cooler bag for days out with the kids. We'll probably have a crap summer now i've bought this :/ It was £22.78 in th… Read more

I can confirm I bought single one today at Costco Glasgow. It isn’t the biggest inside but couple of juices n some snacks for beach trips is better than nothing i suppose


The 60 can rolling cooler is fantastic and worth every penny. Bought one a couple of years ago for pretty much the same price and it's been great. Keeps everything perfectly chilled and holds loads. Got plenty of useful pockets too. Plus a bottle opener! (y) . The trolley is decent too. Heat for all things cool!


Thats why I put "Costco In store" in the description :) I put the website link for the description and picture. It's also more expensive on the website.


It says you have to buy a minimum of two


They also had these: The latter two aren't on Costco's website so found links elsewhere. They were all between £20 - £30 and in the blue colour (not the colour shown on Amazon). We debated which one to get while we did the rest of our shop. In the end we decided we'd get more use out of the backpack and we have a few small cool bags which we could use to supplement it on longer days out. But the others may work better if you need something bigger.

Brother H101C Label Printer - £13.18 Instore @ Costco Reading
LocalLocalFound 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
Brother H101C label printer @ Costco Reading

Yes labels are waterproof but glue is not, so you may need salotape also.. Do it at your own risk, not in front of kids.


Are these water proof? Got two identical goldfish I can't tell apart and would stamp them with this


I noticed a few sellers on Amazon selling non branded cartridges for about 1/4 the price I paid at Costco. Good reviews too.



bought the unit from costco ,bought the carts from ebay , china.

Panasonic 55FX550B 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV £389.89 delivered @ Costco
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
As above. Appears to be quite a good price - 5 year warranty included. Also for those that don’t know Costco are now accepting PayPal, so if you’ve got PayPal credit you can choo… Read more
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Lol ok madman whatever you say tough guy (lipstick)


It would be for me but not for you


‘ I’ll put your head through your shire vessel TV ‘ Now that’s funny (lol)


Completely agree that's why I answered your question. If it had Panasonic components but manufactured somewhere else that's one thing but it's a generic TV with a Panasonic badge. That's misleading.


Better than corrie this (lol) It was me that asked is it Vestel, not that I care a monkeys ball sack where it is manufactured, I bet my Hugo Boss trainers were not made in Germany but some far flung back street knocking shop out in the far east like everything else is, but I do care about the quality of product I could be potentially buying and company's misleading me thinking I'm buying a respected brand name like Panasonic but end up with cheapest of chips parts and components of a crappy tv just re-badge that's all. I know at £340 the price is cheap for a 55" tv but it's not actually a Panny, but there's nothing wrong with the deal in my opinion as long as you are aware it's not actually a Panasonic but a low end set. Might be ok for the bedroom or kids rooms if you have space. Its a pee take that this happens as the likes of my old mother n father would see the deal and think it's a good deal for a Panasonic, about time this crap was clamped down on of re-branding.

£80 worth of Nando's / Vue Gift Cards £69.98 @ Costco Online - Possibly ££67.98 instore - Stacks with Venue Offers
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
Thought this worth sharing since can be used during the Easter School Holidays & on top of other offers :) - great treat for family & friends You get £80 ( 4 x £20 ) of G… Read more
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My local Nando's tastes fab and has great service. No complaints and this is a great way of getting it even cheaper. But I love Costco too!


It's either your cooking or my local Nandos. Probably my Nandos. Only been half a dozen times. It taste okay, but the service is terrible. I'm not a great home cook, but my XXL hot Nandos is great, and I don't have bad service to deal with. I lied about the chicken. It's 7 pieces for £2.80ish. I'm one of these Nandos chicken-dissers that fabricates home chicken values to overcompensate. (:I


As is your right. Cooking at home is always likely to be cheaper than eating in a restaurant where they have to cover their overheads & still make a profit. It's weird, I must have been to Nandos maybe a hundred times over the last few years, and not once had a bad experience. I too have the sauces at home, but never manage to create anything that tastes as good as the Restaurant. Surely, it couldn't be my cooking? (lol) I'd be impressed if you managed to buy 8 Chicken thighs for £2 at the supermarket that were better than the Nandos stuff, but great if you can.


I'd rather buy 8 chicken thighs from the supermarket for a couple of quid, use my Nandos sauce that I buy when it's on offer for a quid, and make my own. With McCain skin-on fries on the side, delish. £80 would do 20 "Nandos" for 4 at home. And the quality of the chicken would be much better. (highfive)


Heat from me before the tiresome "worst quality chicken in the history of poultry" crew arrive. (y)

LG 55SK9500PLA 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV - £839 @ Costco
LocalLocalFound 1st AprFound 1st Apr
Noticed today that Costco are selling this 55" 4K TV for nearly half the price of John Lewis/Currys. Might be worth a purchase for someone on the lookout for an upgrade. Small pr… Read more

These sold for 1299 with 500 cash back not that long ago, didn't sell out then. I think the poor reviews put people off.


Good price, but £1499 is a fake price. This is not the current selling price at competitors.


Good point BC. Didn't realise is was FALD. Any idea how many zones?


Looks good on paper, but this review says otherwise: - could a software update solve some of them? - Let down by poor local dimming - Excessive blooming - Mediocre HDR performance - No HDR10+ support Pay a litttle more & go for OLED for sure as Masteryates says.


Crazy cheap price for a 55" Full Array local dimming panel!! Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, 500nits real 120Hz just makes this almost better than Samsung QLED!! These will fly out of the warehouse doors (y)

Karcher WV5 Premium Window Vac £47.98 @ Costco
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
The WV5 is built on Kärcher's original window vac design, promising you great looking, streak-free windows with the greatest of ease. Not just for window cleaning, this versatile t… Read more
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This is available at the same price at the Costco warehouses.


Oh maybe because it’s OOS?


Why so cold?


Good price that - same as outlet


Re, water... Get a Brita filter jug... Far more cost effective and the Delonghi softeners are a pain in the chuff. I store my in the shade on a counter so it doesn't take up fridge space and also heats up quicker from room temp.


Thank you, yes I’ve seen it now. Really impressed with my machine. I was a bit hesitant spending £500 on a coffee machine, but decided to go for it as we missed the last Costco deal. i read someone else’s post where they paid £100 for a 5 year year service plan, but I can’t see any reference to that on the Delonghi site, when I registered my purchase. When using bottled water, is it just the cheap supermarket bottles? Seen some in Aldi for 99p for 8 litres. i think the only regret I will have is that by buying online, will that mean we don’t get the fantastic Costco warranty. If you buy in store, and something breaks, they refund you even if the warranty has run out. Looks like that isn’t the case online.


Scroll further up, I chatted with delonghi direct and they have stated it is a 2 year warranty. Bottled water is the best really and should avoid the need for a water softener. I have checked and these are a fiver each if you by 4 from amazon or ebay. No idea about servicing.


I’ve just had one of these delivered today. I just have some questions, to those who already own one, please. I know that someone posted that it was a 2 year warranty from date of purchase. Where is this information as I can’t see any reference to length of warranty on the Costco website. My machine had a water softener in the box. I live in a hard water area, and didn’t really want to be spending a fortune on water softeners. Is bottled water suitable for using in these machines? Also, do you have to get regular servicings and, if so, what is the frequency of these? Again, I couldn’t see any info on this when I registered my machine. Thanks in advance.


Check out the Delonghi 29.660.SB on Amazon for £376. It's essentially the same machine as you're looking for but smaller. Also the water tank is at the front one the Eletta which is easier to access. I had this confirmed by the Delonghi Warehouse store as I asked specifically the difference when I was looking into it. Hope this helps!

Ring spotlight cam 2 pack £244.99 @ Costco
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
Costco have these on offer for £244.99 after a £45 promo is taken off at checkout
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Cloud storage: £2.50 per month for device, or the unlimited devices option. Videos are stored in the app under the device , can access them for a while (use to be 60 days I think now shortened to 30 days) Can download any vids to your phone/tablet and store. Sub can be turned off and on as required. E.g if only want when away


Yes just had a look on their website. £25 a year for one device or £80 for unlimited devices. Went into Costco today to have a look, they also have the Swann wired cctv systems too. Still undecided on these Rings (confused)


To their cloud service. Costs a monthly fee but its pretty good and hassle free


Offer ends on 14/4 as stated on the coupon. Looking at these but where does the video footage recorded to? Phone? Or do you need to subscribe to their cloud service?


When does this offer end?

Costco have the ultimate chocolate egg selling at £7.78 - £10-£12 in shops
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
Cadbury’s Ultimate chocolate egg all varieties including fruit and nut, crunchie,£7.78 Tesco have them on offer at £10.

I know this is mentioned on every Cadburys deal. Why Cadburys why? I for one liked Cadburys chocolate before the recipe changes. Now if I buy one it's so disappointing, not the melt in your mouth experience it used to be


The fruit and nut one barely contains any fruit and nut, just buy the bars instead Hollow milk chocolate egg with dried grapes (3.5 %) and chopped almonds (2 %) and one bar of milk chocolate with dried grapes (18 %) and almonds (7 %).


Cadburys? Ultimate chocolate? Don’t make me laugh. Good deal for those who like crap chocolate


dont forget mama june on a hot day in sunmer


Its Cadbury, so will taste like a mix of old wax and burnt sugar. Buy the "Deluxe" ones from Lidl instead.

£100 Build-a-Bear Gift E-Card Multipack (4 x £25) £69.99 @ Costco
Refreshed 2nd AprRefreshed 2nd Apr
Costco are running their gift card offer for Build-a-Bear - £100 of e gift cards for £69.99, delivered via email within 24 hours. Can be used online or instore. Need to be a Costco… Read more
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Gift cards are dangerous if a company goes into administration. Your options are to try a chargeback if under £100 or claim a Section 75 if over. Neither are guaranteed. Your only claim is “goods not as described”. Or claim with the administrators, but I wouldn’t hold my breath! If you’re going to buy them, and are worried, spend them.


You can use these for children’s parties too.


If the gift cards are able to be redeemed at the time of issue, then I don't think Costco would be in breach of anything. You'd need to see if Costco or Build-a-bear offer any guarantees on gift cards (which would likely be no more than 2 years)


Coming up as £79.99?


Are we sure this is the case. I would like some clarification. I suspect you're very much correct. Your contact is with Costco... But they failed to deliver on their promise. So you charge back to them? Of course they will say they have fulfilled as the gift cards were delivered.

LG 65UK6300PLB 65 Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV £619.99 Delivered @ Costco
Refreshed 8th AprRefreshed 8th Apr
As above. Appears to be a good price - 5 year warranty included. Thanks to LG AI(Artificial Intelligence) TV’s natural language processing, you can now easily access TV content a… Read more
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Beware LG, I bought a LG49UJ651V from Argos 14 months ago. It developed what, at first. were small deep pink patches on the screen just after the guarantee ran out. The patches continue to spread and now occupy the top right hand quarter almost completely and other patches are steadily and relentlessly growing. I'm pursuing a claim under the consumer protection act 2015 with Argos as that states goods have to have a 'reasonable' length of life. I don't think 14 months qualifies as that. Beware !!


Maybe but if your happy with what you got....? I might consider upgrading when Samsung bring out their wall TV A lot of people seem to have motion issues with lcd and oled which is deal breaker for me


I was the same with my 60 inch plasma but trust me when it does and you replace for what’s on offer you will realise the picture quality, colour you’ve been missing out on. Even a cheap 4K set will outperform it in every way.


Costco has one of the most generous return policies in the retail world. You can basically return anything you've purchased at the warehouse club at any time for a full refund — except for electronics and major appliances which have a 90-day return policy with receipt. If purchased with a credit card then it's up to the credit card company to resolve. But never buy with debit card. I know Costco only accept American express which is a pain but it gives you coverage.


Unlucky you’re stuck with that - must use a lot of electricity (500watts !!!

4 Swann CCTV cameras and hard drive instore at Costco for £203.98
21/04/2019Expires on 21/04/2019LocalLocalFound 31st MarFound 31st Mar
Four cameras two of which are dome cameras, this deal I believe goes live on 15th of April at Costco. I have been looking for CCTV cameras for my home for a couple of weeks now and… Read more
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At this price it’s gonna be coax. Ethernet should be the only way you connect cameras for the best all round pictures etc


I'm after a 3/4 camera system would be grateful for any recommendations on systems within this price range? Any links?


I've been looking for a cctv system also ,it seem that 1080p claims are different for every brand ie 1080p lite is claimed as 1080p. from what I can make out 1080plite /1080N are not full HD they are 720p images resized to fit HD screen . or something like that! (confused) (:I anyhow I found this to be good on amazon.


Swan lock the cameras to your account which can be problematic if you want to sell them down the road. I had this problem with my mates ones, their were a few others complaining about that on the forum at the time, I don't know if they changed this.


yes,can be set to send alarm to mobile on movement

Nextbase Mirror Dash Cam £95.98 @ Costco from 1st April
LocalLocalFound 30th MarFound 30th Mar
£20 off from 1st April. Blurb: Nextbase Mirror Dash CamYou will never get distracted by a messy dash board again, with the Nextbase Mirror Dash Cam. This dash cam really does … Read more
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The issue is size, tried it, sold it... Nice idea but not as practical as a small discreet removable dashcam.


We will always love Cloughie.


I’ll be popping down to my local Costco for one. Looks like a good price for the tech. (highfive)


I clearly missed something, a rivalry so intense both clubs idolise the same manager equally (skeptical)


Cold. It records my speed

Ultimate Ears Megablast Bluetooth Speaker with Alexa @ Costco Instore
LocalLocalFound 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Member only saving leaflet fell through my letter box this morning and this looks like a very good price from a very good retailer. Of course you need to be a member, but if you ar… Read more

Is there a Google home equivalent that is IP rated for use in a bathroom? I cannot stand Alexa and the implementation in this seems to be very poorly reviewed? Great price for a powerful bluetooth speaker however.

Keter Oakland 7ft 6" x 11ft (2.3 x 3.4m) Shed £749.89 @ Costco from 15/4
28/04/2019Expires on 28/04/2019Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Offer runs from 15/4/19 to 28/4/19 online only: Includes VAT and delivery. Specification Innovative resin talc compound (RTC) paintable wood-effect finish for an attractiv… Read more
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make sure you buy an Infra Red Marker when buying this..... makes it much easier to identify the parts when you pop round to all your neighbours to pick up the parts after a mild breeze.... FACT


Thanks for posting, was hoping it would come through and it did! Bought the shed today, now to get a base sorted (annoyed)


I thought this was live today... oh well got another 2 weeks for a better deal to turn up!


Reviews from most people who actually own one seem to disagree with your random rantings. At the offer price it is similar to a wood or metal shed of the same size and they would have their issues too. So assuming it lasts 15-20 yrs then it’s worth it.


Have a sit down and a nice cup of tea.

Ring Video Doorbell 2 & Chime with 6 months free cloud recording £131.98 @ Costco
28/04/2019Expires on 28/04/2019Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
£131.98 inc VAT. Offer available between 15/04/19 and 28/04/19 in Costco. In store and online
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I have also just bought this one from Costco. For me it just went on automatically. I visited the site, on my account it says I have 182 days until my trial ends.


So ive bought the ring doorbell and chime from costco (this deal) does anyone know how to activate the 6 month free cloud storage? As theres nothing in the box and Costco didn't know how to activate the free trial



I thought I saw £15 :/


Because of the 6 months cloud recording? There is a link on the main Ring website talking about special Costco bundles and mentions the ring 2 and 6 months on there? Is it possible this is just a standard ‘value add’ on any ring2 purchases via Costco?

Grenade carb killa Jaffa quake 12X60g only £8.36 @ Costco
LocalLocalFound 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Grenade carb killa at Costco Wembley
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Aye store specific... Costco gateshead has White choc cookie 14.26inc vat Jaffa quake 14.98inc vat Cheaper using s+s at amazon


These use the cheaper soy derived protein?


Bes before 1/2020


Must be store specific, full price at gateshead. Short dated maybe?



Highland Spring Sports cap Still Spring Water, 48 x 330ml for £6.60 @ Costco 14p Per Bottle
29/04/2019Expires on 29/04/2019Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Our still water is here to make sure you can feel good and give it your all every day. Every drop of Highland Spring is lovingly drawn from organic land. Feel refreshed with wate… Read more
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Probably more to do with your piping From what room? Kitchen if so do you clean your taps with disinfectant ?


Voted hot. Bottled water in only thing I can buy from Costco


You can actually taste the difference in this compared to lake district water... its light you can wiggle your tongue around a mouth full to test it its like air! Hard to explain but ive been testing some waters and this is by far the best so far really stands out.


Bottled water is simply not as good for you as tap water. It's marketed heavily to present that way. Save your money, help the environment and enjoy healthier water. Why should you drink tap water? Environmentalists keep warning about the dangers of plastic bottles to our nature, animals and health. At the same time, media and some experts are warning that the tap water is full of pharmaceuticals, microplastics, heavy metals and chemicals. Who should you believe? What’s the truth? Here are 5 facts about why you should drink tap water (filtered or unfiltered): It’s generally safe and healthy Don’t take our word for this. Based on hundreds of studies around the world, to drink tap water that follows the World Health Organization’s guidelines for drinkable water (US and EU countries do) is generally as healthy or healthier than bottled water. The water from the tap is tested several times every day to ensure that it’s safe to drink and in case it’s not, your water company is obliged to inform you. In England alone, 99.97% of analysis passed the stringent tests last year and most of Europe and the US report similar results. Unfortunately there are many cases where the water turns out to be unsafe to drink despite regulation and testing. Recent issues include lead found in the tap water in Flint, New Jerseyand Chicago and PFAS found in 30 regions in the US and Europe. Another recent problem is microplastics as we don’t know the impact on humans yet. A simple, affordable and high quality water filter such as TAPP 2 will protect you and your family from the most common water pollutants. Drink tap water and save moneyTap water costs less than 0.1p / cent per liter. Bottled water costs from 20p per liter and upwards, making it 200x more expensive or even more depending on the brand. Bottled water in restaurants, coffee shops and kiosks is even more expensive. By drinking tap water at home and carrying a refillable water bottle, people save a lot of money, sometimes as much as 500 GBP (€570) per year. A water filter will also save considerable amounts of money. Just do the calculation of how much you are currently spending in bottled water and we guarantee you will be surprised! ConvenienceThe tap provides unlimited fresh water whenever needed for drinking, cooking, making tea & coffee, hydrating your pets or watering sensitive indoor plants. No more buying, carrying heavy bottles or disposing of them. With a faucet filter it’s the same level of convenience. Just make sure to replace the cartridges frequently (every 3 months) and buy a nice refillable bottle like Retap for free tap water on the go. TasteIn some places like New York, London, Munich and Madrid the local tap water tastes pretty good. In other countries and local municipalities it may taste poor or really bad. But the bad taste can easily be improved by using a water filter or adding citrus fruits. According to blind tests, 9 out of 10 people cannot taste the difference between filtered and bottled water. And for those that prefer sparkling water, there is the option of making it yourself with a Soda Stream. EnvironmentPlastic waste is destroying our oceans, wildlife and earth. Less than 10% of plastic gets recycled worldwide and the rest ends up in landfills and our nature, and eventually breaks down into microplastics ending up in the groundwater, rivers and oceans


We got the Kirkland ones too 40 bottles at £4ish. I didn't see these but managed to get the full sized bottles which we a good price for Highland.

The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl £19.78 @ Costco
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
DescriptionSingle Malt Scotch Whisky The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve is an award winning single malt scotch whisky. It captures the distinct, smooth, fruity taste that its found… Read more
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awful stuff


I liked this. Better than others in the same price bracket.


Poor whiskey - shame they stopped selling normal Glenlivet in this country.


For the price of a blend you can't go wrong.


Nadurra Peated is the best Glenlivet imho. A good price for this but a fairly dull whiskey.

Costco - Filippo berio mild and light olive oil 5L £14.99 instore from next week
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
It's starting from next week. Filippo Berio Mild & Light Olive Oil is a healthy substitute for other cooking oils.… Read more

PERFECT. I like to drink mine by the pint.

indyjukebox Thou shalt not store extra virgin olive oil in plastic bottles – Are you sure? Conclusion A review of independently conducted shelf life studies published in referred scientific journals failed to reveal any systematic or significant superiority on the part of glass packaging in terms of standard measures of oxidation when the oils stored in a manner whereby they were exposed to similar amounts of light and at room temperature over 13 months or less. So it doesnt matter then according to Google. What was your point then?


Well, I recommend Google ;)


Why? I am intrigued.


Please remember, LIGHT means the colour, it doesn't mean less calories

Mr Muscle Max Gel Unblocker 2x 1L £2.80 @  Costco
LocalLocalFound 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Sorry for another Costco deal starting on Monday for 2 weeks (or whilsts stock last). Please don't vote cold just because you're not a member. Non members can accompany a member … Read more
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I work on drains for a living and wouldn't recommend these products to anyone. I have been burned a couple of times (nothing serious) when splitting waste pipes to find that they have been putting these kind of chemicals down. I've never needed to use chemicals as there are other better ways to clear a blockage, these are just a marketing con and dangerous for us workers when it doesn't work


How bad do your drains need to be to need 2 litres? (shock) I would buy one of these, lasts for years, effective every time including toilets, and no nasty chemicals - all for £4.09.

Acer Swift 3 Laptop, 15.6 Inch, i5 8th Gen, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD with 16GB Optane, £449.98  @ COSTCO Instore
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Doesn't seem a bad Laptop for the price. This is not a gaming machine but spec should suit some for everyday use. Deal starts 1st April. Has some good reviews. 2 yr warranty. … Read more



Which Costco did you see this at?




Yes you are correct. They had factories in Europe for their European production, including germany but I'm not sure if that is still the case. The company itself is Taiwanese Acer Germany is a subsidiary of Acer Europe which is itself a subsidiary of Acer Taiwan.


Not as I understand it - Acer are a Taiwanese company, iirc.

Aftershokz Titanium Bone Conducting Headphones £65.98 @ Costco
28/04/2019Expires on 28/04/2019LocalLocalFound 28th MarFound 28th Mar
In Costco from Monday 15th April £65.98. Great price for these as over £80 on Amazon.
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I get a magazine and 2 lots of catalogues for the next month every month.


Where do you find out about advanced deals in Costco? I get an email showing me the next 2 weeks but nothing beyond that. Would be good to see what's coming up.


Mine lasted around 14 months using daily (one side stopped working). Trekz sent me replacement pair. Excellent headphones from an excellent company at an excellent price. Thoroughly recommend but register them with Trekz to help if you have a similar issue in the future.


They do an air version too but that will cost you more. Not sure what you’d need in your head for them to work though ;)


not even willing to shell out for a titanium bone structure to use these

Golden Select 14mm AC4 Rated Laminate Flooring £14.38 per pack in-store @ Costco
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
As above. Exceptionally good 14mm foam backed laminate flooring available in Oak, Grey & Walnut In store from Monday 1st April. 35 year residential guarantee. The Notting… Read more
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Just want to say massive thanks to you guys for helping me work this out, it's so good to no there are people out there so willing to help and not make me feel stupid,I suffer well bad depression and today,i don't no you've just made me feel ok ,like happy,daft i no but thanks <3


aww thank you so much for working out for me,i didn't even no roughly i don't get all this squares wish i did,,i will get 25 packs i don't mind if there's extra it's more if i didn't have enough matching it up,,again thanks (highfive)


As it's my first time I made sure to get a few extra packs just in case too. As you say easy to return. (y)


22ft x 12ft = 24.6 square metres. A box of this laminate covers 1.16 square metres. So if my calculations are right ( 24.6 divided by 1.16 = 22 packs approx ) But you’ll waste some for cut outs so I’d factor in some extra, say 25 packs £360 approx. Any packs you don’t use you can return to Costco unopened and they’ll give you a refund no questions asked.


12x22 = total sq ft, then see how many sq ft a box covers. BUT this is just a guide because you will always have some wastage. Also, some people like the look of laying theirs in a brick pattern, which means more wastage. Then you need to decide which way you’re running the floor. And don’t forget underlay and expansion gaps.

Anki Cozmo Collectors Edition Robot in Black/Grey (8+ Years) for £99.99 Delivered (Starts 01/04/2019) @ Costco
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Costco Membership required (Link for Details) Description Say hello to Cozmo, a gifted little guy with a mind of his own. He's a real-life robot like you've only seen in movi… Read more

I bought the vector at xmas for daughters bday in feb for £149. Felt like a beta, voice control is naff, doesn't work without internet or a smart phone. Luckily I bougth from amazon so they let me return for a refund some 2 months after purchase.


Expensive bookstop


Appreciate the comments, was considering getting this before I read them


Had it out the box once.... bought the carrier bag and everything hes meh not worth the price at all!!!!!!


Expensive dust collector. My 7 yo plays with it for about an hour every 2-3 month.