Cosy Rug - Black (UK Exclusive!) only £5 @

Cosy Rug - Black (UK Exclusive!) only £5 @

Found 21st Feb 2011Made hot 21st Feb 2011
Down from £19.99. Excellent reviews and well worth a fiver


cosy rug how original lol
cheap though

Don't forget quidco

Make sure you wash it before use otherwise you'll electricute yourself to death!

This has never been on for £19.99!

Bought one. Cheers OP.


cant believe people sit dressed like that they look like hobos cuddled round a fire maybe if u lived in the north pole but they look like lord of the rings/jedi knight

Showing as 9.95 here.

Gone up to £9.95 now but the black one is still a fiver.

Nice one! Ordered and thank you. I just need to find a fake arm to put through the sleeve and nobody will ever notice!

Now a tenner.

now ten pounds
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