Cotswold Co. Pembroke Walnut Widescreen TV Unit - Was £499.99 Now £93.33 Delivered Free @ Halfcost

Cotswold Co. Pembroke Walnut Widescreen TV Unit - Was £499.99 Now £93.33 Delivered Free @ Halfcost

Found 20th Mar 2009Made hot 21st Mar 2009
With two drawers and two glass-doored cabinets for media components with apertures in the back for cables. 49 x 180 x 48cm. Arrives fully assembled.

NB Products may be subject to minor cosmetic imperfections, E.g - paint, stain and finish blemishes


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Clicked on the link and it comes up as £129.00

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Clicked on the link and it comes up as £129.00

Apply the voucher attached when in your basket

I just took delivery of my halfcost cotswold furniture. They were not very communicative in their delivery schedule but after a few days we received a call from TNT (their courier presently) and we unpacked our funriture with great anticipation as to how bad the blemishes/stains/minor imperfections were.

I have to say they were almost perfect - so much so I was straining to see why they'd been rejected. The minor imperfections were so minor in my case that I would qualify this as the best bargain I've ever purchased. The furniture is solid, attractive and so cheap (Halfcost automatically reduce the price by 20% if you spend £200, 15% if you spend £100) and for £580 I got a sideboard, coffee table, bookcase, tv unit, two bedside cabinets and a dresser). Honestly it would have cost me £500 for just one of these pieces of furniture in NEXT or similar retailer.


Just be careful of the sizes - the entertainment unit and coffee table are huge and were much larger than they appeared and I didn't bother checking sizes - it came as a pleasant surprise in my case as they will fit in the room but in a small lounge you might struggle especially with the coffee tables.

their after sales service is terrible. I am presently trying to get my coffee table that i ordered ages ago. Nobody seems to be able to help me.

iv had the same problem with them so many times boglin...there were so many times i didnt recieve anything and when i email them to enquire they say its out of stock..this was after they took my money and never getting in touch for a very long time.

i hate companies who do this:x

be very very careful when ordering from halfcost they are as dodgy as they come and i am trying to get my money back from them for items they just didnt deliver they were able to tell me via email and on the phone that they regulaly break consumer law (pm me if you want to see the emails ) - with out consequence , i am also in communication with trading standards as to how to get my money back, my advice stay well clear :?

Dear Customer,
Thank you for your recent e-mail. Our systems begin processing the order as soon as it is submitted to us. Therefore at this stage it is not possible to cancel.
If the order is no longer required, please make arrangements to return the order once it has been received.
I apologise for any disappointment caused.
Sajid Mohamed
HalfCost Customer Care

Dear sadij

Thank you for replying to my email detaling my wish to cancel my order( "halfcost" Order "209139") with halfcost as i stated before i wish to cancel the order with halfcost forthwith and demand a refund in accordance with the law.

for your information i have included a copy of the current consumer legislation which must be adhered to by halfcost as a company,since you blatantly contradict consumer law on your website with your misleading terms and conditions.
i have also emailed a copy of my complaint and your refusal to adhere to consumer law to trading standards and will be contacting my legal advisor on monday morning to seek full re-embursement and compensation due to the amount of stress, anguish and emotional upset that you and your inept, unhelpful and mis-informed customer service team have caused me.

[COLOR="Purple"]What you are entitled to legally as a consumer [/COLOR]
Clear information about the goods or services offered before you buy.

Written confirmation of this information after you have made your purchase.

[COLOR="Purple"] A 'cooling off' period during which an order can be cancelled without any reason and a full refund made.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Purple"] A full refund if the goods or services are not provided by the date you agreed. If you didn't agree a date, then you are entitled to a refund if the goods or services are not provided within 30 days.[/COLOR]

These rights apply to all forms of home shopping, not just internet sales. There are cases where these additional rights do not apply:

Financial services such as insurance or banking.

Online auctions. Be careful when buying at online auctions because auctioneers, unlike other sellers, can refuse to accept responsibility for the quality of the goods they auction. Read the conditions of sale with care. But, unless the seller is a private individual, the standard terms of the contract set out in the Unfair Terms In Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 still apply.

Vending machine purchases.
Contracts involving the sale of land.

[COLOR="Purple"]When to cancel
You can cancel at any time until:

The end of the seventh working day after the day on which you receive your goods; or
The end of the seventh working day after the day on which the trader agreed to go ahead with the service.

But please note that you might lose your right to cancel once the service has started.
You also have a further three months to cancel if you were not given all the necessary written information. If the trader gives you this information late - but still before the three months are up - you will have seven days to cancel from the day you receive that information.

[COLOR="Purple"]How to cancel
To cancel your order, you must tell the seller in writing - by letter, fax or e-mail. If sending a letter, send the letter by registered post, so you can prove that you sent it and track its progress.

[COLOR="Purple"]Refunds after cancelling
If you have already paid for the goods or services, the seller must refund your money within 30 days of you cancelling the agreement.
If you have paid for the goods by a credit agreement suggested or organised by the seller, the agreement will be automatically cancelled.

Sold as damaged stock... be aware..

Good price, comapny has history of bad rep though - I couldnt encourage any fellow members here to commit cash to them.

Im vary wary of halfcost after taking nigh on 6 months to return a faulty item and get my money back so if the item is being sold as imperfect dont plan to return it quick.

That being said the only other order I placed with them for some sketchers was fine and a great deal.

Well, you were all right....they took my money, said it could take up to14 days. A week ago I got an e-mail saying it had been despatched. I sent an e-mail yesterday and today they cancelled the order without a single word of explanation!

Don't think I'll be bothering with these people again...ever.

I bought this item - and its fabulous!!! the imperfections are verry minor (a few light scratches on the top of the cabinet)

I must say their delivery is a bit rubbish - not very communicative. and i made the mistake of having it deivered to my parents house instead of mine (where it intended for) Boy this things weighs a few tonnes!!!! and its massive - it took three of us to shift it from the hallway where i asked the deliver guys to leave it - to my dads car (thanks for always having an estate dad) and then taking it to my house.....

but it was worth it - its a gorgeous piece of furniture.... it really is!!! Best buy i have made for the house so far!!!
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