COTSWOLD SECONDS FARMHOUSE IVORY 2 DOOR & 6 DRAWER DRESSER ONLY £68.53 @ Halfcost if total order is at least £100 - otherwise still only £83.69 using code

COTSWOLD SECONDS FARMHOUSE IVORY 2 DOOR & 6 DRAWER DRESSER ONLY £68.53 @ Halfcost if total order is at least £100 - otherwise still only £83.69 using code

Found 11th May 2009
A bargain for this price - I've ordered two and there's still another 45 left. It cost me £137.06 to get two of these, including delivery.

Halfcost's blurb:

RRP £349. Efficient, affordable storage that's full of contemporary country charm, our exclusive farmhouse chests have hand-woven rattan basket drawers and handmade solid sengon wood frames with particleboard tops in a warm ivory paint finish. 2 Door Dresser with six basket drawer, a shelf (fits a DVD player/digibox) and cupboard. Arrives fully assembled saving time and effort. Overall dimensions: H73 x W143 x D43cm. Products may be subject to minor cosmetic imperfections, E.g - paint, stain and finish blemishes.

REMEMBER - if your order is over £100, you automatically receive 15% off AND free delivery! Use the code to get a further 10% after that too!


Original Poster

Still haven't received my order for 2 of these. Emailed umpteen times and only received 2 replies to say 'it's still in progress'. Unsure what to do. May try to phone them on Monday. If no satisfaction, may give Trading Standards a call. Very cross.......... Anyone received theirs yet?
I ordered mine on May 11th.

i waited for delieveries of some cotswold 10 draw farm chests, ordered 2 and they sent 1 i contacted several times and they said they were 'looking in to it' and 7 weeks later once it was no longer in stock they said guess what?

its not in stock so i cant have it.

if you ordered them get on the phone NOW while it is in stock and make a big fuss, if you dont they will be out of stock and gone.

If it is any consolation - I am in exactly the same position too.......

Rang them on 0871 3769951 today and they checked the order and said it was a problem with the supplier but that it would definitely be delivered next week. We'll see..........

Account now says DESPATCHED. Hurray.

Thing is Jenny - mine said that over a week ago..... That's why I was a bit sceptical....


Mine has just arrived 5 minutes ago - apparently TNT (who deliver) were supposed to call me before it was delivered, but didn't - so just as well I was in really.
It comes self assembled in a big oblong box.
And for what it's worth is not that heavy.


HOLD ON! Just noticed something else - IT IS NOT EVEN THE SAME ONE AS THE PCTURE!!!
In fact it is not much like it, for a start the are no cupboards on the front as indicated in the picture.....


I've JUST got it out of the box - and the wood has split at the side down the back....... Oh dear AND I have signed for it.....
CHECK IT before you sign!

I would be interested to know if anybody else has this item delivered.....

Only, having looked back at my order - it seems that when clicking on the link to 'Go To Deal' and ordering it - I appear to have ordered the Shenton 6 drawer unit.......

Oh dear - NOT what I believed to be ordering ....

Oh Cloud I'm so sorry about your experience. What will you do?
Today, I had the following email:

Thank you for your recent e-mail. There was an unexpected delay with the despatch of some of these furniture items as they are in a different warehouse and there was a computer system error which was fixed yesterday. Your furniture has now been despatched and will be delivered to you not long afterwards.
Sorry for any disappointment caused by this delay, it is not representative of our usual service.

HalfCost Customer Care

Unfortunately, mine will have to be signed for, unseen by a neighbour. GULP! ..................

I have just spoken to HalfCost - and basically the story goes that if you ant to return it - you can - but you then have to re-order another one at your own expense - (even though there is no stock) and they will send out the other one - they wont collect the old one when delivering a new one - as they need the old one back in their wharehouse BEFORE dispatching the next replacement - OR they will know a tenner off it to compensate for the HUGE split in the wood....

All in all not too clever...


I DO hope you get it OK.
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