Cougar QBX Pro Mini ITX PC Case - £37.92 Delivered (£34.97 if collecting) @ Laptops Direct

Cougar QBX Pro Mini ITX PC Case - £37.92 Delivered (£34.97 if collecting) @ Laptops Direct

Found 13th Jul 2016
If you're looking for a smaller build PC, this looks pretty sharp and tidy case. It's not in your face and reminds me a little of the Phanteks P400 on the front side (Which I have at the moment) Anyway £37.92 seems much more than reasonable for this case right now.

For a small case, you can actually get up to 7 fans in there 80mm - 120mm and HDD/SSD wise, apparently you can get 1x 3.5" drive in and 4x 2.5" drives, which again seems more than acceptable at this price point.

If you're looking around for a case like this on a lower end budget, then maybe pop it on your short list. More info on specs below


The most advanced compact case of the market is here. COUGAR QBX comes here to conquer the world with three big weapons within its compact body: Its dimensions, its expansion potential and its unrivaled cooling.


QBX's 178 x 291 x 384 mm / 7.01 x 11.46 x 15.12 (inch) make it a highly compact case. Gamers no longer need enormous desks with lots of space to install high-end gaming components in order to enjoy new generation games.

Expandible : Massive Storage + ODD

Up to 5 Storage Drives (1 x 3.5¨ HDD + 4 x 2.5¨ SSD/HDD) Access to CD, DVD, Blu-ray and other Disk Formats. Nobody likes those situations in which you need to uninstall a game to be able to install another one.

To prevent this, QBX supports enormous amounts of storage so that you can put all your games, music, movies and whatever you want inside it.

The Best Cooling of Its Class

QBX comes with the best cooling of any case of its class. With a maximum of 7 fans (from 80mm to 120mm) and compatibility with up to 240mm radiators for water cooling solutions, QBX's pro-cooling design (including an independent power supply air flow) provides the best defense against overheating.
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will this run steam
It's not a kettle sadly.

will this run steam

no but i think it runs kodi
nice looking case.

will this run steam

Very very spacious case for £35-£40, heat from me.
That looks nice, and good value. Voted Hot
Has an unusual internal layout with various size options, so worth a think before buying
and to quote that reviews' summary:

•Really affordable!
•Good construction quality
•Can hold a 120 mm AIO liquid cooler
•Well-engineered for the price
•Simple internal structures, but very effective
•Can hold extra long GPUs
•Can hold full ATX PSU of up to 140 mm
•Up to 7 fans may be installed
•3 SSDs and a HDD will fit inside
•Slot-in ODD drive bay available

•Short and potent PSUs are hard to find
•Not all PSUs will fit due to the direction the power cable's plug will face
•No dust filters on side panels
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Very very spacious case for £35-£40, heat from me.

That's the last thing I want from a Mini ITX case.
always wanted a cougar....
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