Count Duckula - The Complete Series (7 disc) DVD £14.97 Delivered @ woolworths

Count Duckula - The Complete Series (7 disc) DVD £14.97 Delivered @ woolworths

Found 9th Mar 2010Made hot 9th Mar 2010
Cheapest by some way, although it says dispatched within a month. Take you back though.

For the first time on DVD all 3 series are available as one Complete Collection.

The Duckula Complete Collection showcases all 3 series of the nation's favourite ketchup loving, vegetarian vampire in this 7 disc set.

High above the Transylvanian Alps stand the dark and foreboding Castle Duckula, for centuries the home of the terrifying, blood-sucking Duckula vampire.

Terrifying until now... the current Count is a vegetarian vampire with a desire for show business!

Accompanied by his long-suffering manservant Igor and his clumsy house-keeper Nanny, Duckula uses his teleporting castle to seek his fame and fortune across the world!


Original Poster…4_U

ooooooooooooh, scary:w00t:

I used to love this. Kids stuff is rubbish now, all japanese style cartoons.

I've always said Alex Ferguson would have been better off buying Count Duckula than Nani, but most people look at me like I'm mad.

Quality..... I have to order this ......

Most people know David Jason did Dangermouse's voice - but not many know he also did Count Duckula's, too!

Ooooo Ducky Boos :-D

Used to rush home to watch this as a lad. H & R. Great find and a great price
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