country life spreadable butter 250g at co-op

country life spreadable butter 250g at co-op

Found 16th Dec 2009
at co-op supermarket instore country life spreadable butter 250 g

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are you sure you dont mean 500g ?

otherwise that is not a great price as you can get 500g for 1.49 in tesco.
Its not butter read the label again, its called "Country Life Spreadable"

Its not butter read the label again, its called "Country Life Spreadable"

oh yes it is...

Country Life butter is British through and through, the milk made in the production of the rich butter comes from farms throughout the UK, this in turn makes good common sense because we then know that the end product hasn't travelled around the world before it lands on our supermarket shelves here in Great Britain.
In essence it is good to know that we are buying British goods and Country Life butter is the only major British butter on the market.
Country Life can offer you block butter, both salted and unsalted. The spreadable butter comes in both salted, reduced salt and a lighter version for anyone who is watching either their weight or their cholesterol levels.
They also produce a Cornish butter which uses the finest Cornish cream, a Welsh butter which has been made to a traditional recipe and also a Somerset butter .
As Country Life point out, all of their butter tastes supreme on bread, toast, crumpets, teacakes, in baking and any recipes in general
It's £1.10 for 500g in Morrisons. Both the Lite and normal varieties. Not sure how long the offer is on for but bought a pack this morning.

EDIT : In response to Ianstanleys post above I am pretty sure it was £2.20+ in my local TescoMetro today. I only checked in passing because I thought £1.10 was a good price at Morrisons and thought I'd see what it was there.
I suggest you read the label and tell me what it says rather than copy and pasting something !

It cant be called butter as its not butter , its a mix of butter and vegetable fat, you can get Kerrygold Spreadable Butter which is 100% butter, thats the only one i know of thats proper butter…,43
its the same deal in somerfield (well £1.17) and yes its the 500g tub not the 250g as posted
yes it is the 500g
my mistake ,but new to this.

yes it is the 500g my mistake ,but new to this.

Try to edit your original post to correct it. And try and remove the bit I put in by mistake - I was trying to see if I could correct it for you.
LOL and take the butter out because it isnt proper butter
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