Couples Photo Shoot £5 @ Play
Couples Photo Shoot £5 @ Play

Couples Photo Shoot £5 @ Play

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On arrival at your booked time you will receive a drink of your choice and snacks in the studios' lounge area. One participant will receive make-up application and pampering treatments. A top fashion photographer will shoot you both in an array of unique sets. To end your day you will enjoy a private big-screen viewing of your shots where you can request re-touching or design work to suit your individual requirements. You may choose one 8"x6" print of a picture of your choice to keep. You will also have the chance to purchase additional prints, packages and images but are under no obligation to do so.
Locations: London, Southampton (South East), Manchester (North) Birmingham (Midlands)


Not voting. Looks good at first glance, but I suspect a hard sell when they have you. Nobody is going to give enough professional time to cover 5 changes of clothes for £5 without expecting a lot more.

Have been to these sorts of things before with the missus. Normally you can expect to wait around for 5/6+ hours. Then they do their hard sell and they really try. Not worth it, unless you have a day to waste in a hot stuffy hairdressers/makeup shop.

I like the 'top fashion photographer' bit.....have had a few friends go along to these things and have ended up spending a fortune as they really gave them the hard-sell.....photo's were very very average, very much staged so that despite the fact it was different freinds from different age groups....the photo's I've seen have all been very much alike.

Better getting yourself along to a Pixi Foto studio in your local Mothercare....okay you don't have the make up and hair do (make up is theatrical stuff that you can't keep on after the shoot) but you'll have nice natural looking photos!

i went on one of these and seriously its such a rip offf its untrue!
u think you are paying £5 but infact when you come back out of the place you will be out of money! and alot of it! i payed £800! and soo not impressed!
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