Coupling Series 1-4 £13.89 at Sendit

Coupling Series 1-4 £13.89 at Sendit

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Coupling box set - all 4 series.

IMO the first 3 series are best. Jeff, the Welsh pervert, really makes the program great!

EDIT - removed the now expired code. Still the cheapest around.


Very funny comedy and great price, heat added.


Very funny comedy and great price, heat added.

The Jeff left! :-(


Great price!

Series 2 and 3 are fantastic - watched them several times and they're still good. The British "Friends".

Jeff was the king of comedy-with-just-a-facial-expression.

So so clever.... the episode from three peoples perspectives.... brilliant. " I want to eat your ears... I collect buckets of ears "

Friends is funny, don't get me wrong, but coupling is clever and funny, not obvious and funny!!

Love 'The girl with two breasts' from series 1 and 'The man with two legs' episode from series 2. Top stuff from the excellent Steve Moffatt and Richard Coyle as 'Jeff'.

JEFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always used to ignore coupling when it was on TV, but then I saw the mighty Jeff, it had me hooked! MELTY MAN COMETH OOOOOOO

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I loved the Giselle episode! Did any of the women not claim to be Giselle?

ordered thx
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