Courses sale on udemy

Courses sale on udemy

Found 16th Apr
All courses £11.99 until midnight. Not sure about the rrp but have heard some good comments about the content.
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Damn too big choice. Need few hundred quid for all good courses
Doing the ethical hacking course at the moment and it's pretty good
They have sales every second week, but the courses seems to get good reviews.
many times, they're 9,99€ patience young padawan
This isn't really the best sale, they regularly have sales for lowest as £9.99/coursr for all. The price is also £1 cheaper in the mobile app for some reason.
comshoplesce41 m ago

this one?

yep, that's the one.

you have to buy one of these ..

33647962-6SumV.jpg.. to be able to do every aspect of the course, but they're cheap enough - £10-£12 quid. You can complete the course without one, but it does advise getting one if you want to do every aspect of it.
Lots of these Udemy courses keep popping up don’t forget Cashback available via Topcashback (think it’s about 15%) and Quidco currently 20% got to be worth going via one of them if already opting for a course
It wasn’t all courses. The deal is still running for another four or five hours as it must be on east coast USA time. Most courses are not worth it though so don’t feel you’ve missed out.

If you’re looking at a course and think the price has gone up since you saw it last then open a private window or clear cookies as Udemy boosts prices if you’ve visited before.
it may not be a "sale" but the price is £10.99
You can get these for $9.99 if you use VPN. which makes it around £7 or £8 each
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