Cow and gate growing up milk (1-2 years), £5 at Asda

Cow and gate growing up milk (1-2 years), £5 at Asda

Found 19th Jan 2013
Reduced from about £8, and seems a good deal for me, bought 8 as told no limit.. part of the baby event
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Breast is best.
I think stopping at a year is just fine. Nice find OP.
for a 1-2 yr old??? nice find its hot from me
I've been booby feeding for 13 mths now, looking at moving him onto other sources of nutrition for his needs and my sanity . breast milk is good for some but formula has its place in a society for those who cant or choose not too.
it says the baby event doesn't start instore until monday and i know this is in the event as i want the 2-3 one
Instore now for definite, for some reason there is a limit of 7
You can use normal full fat cows milk from 12 months!
This works out cheaper than buying cows milk

This works out cheaper than buying cows milk

And is much easier when out and about.
My health visitor said should be on cows milk when 12 months no need for formula !
just got this in Asda nuneaton. for those that use SMA 3 thats £6 in asda at the moment x
Aside from breastmilk there really is no need/point to giving milk past 1. It's horrible stuff!
Formulas are a waste of money,fresh milk is easier to get hold of and cheaper.
Toddler/follow on milk is totally unnecessary. It was originally created because formula companies were not allowed to advertise or do offers or deals on standard formula, and they used this as a loophole. There is nothing in it that babies need that cannot be obtained from other dietary souces.

However I'm not voting because this is a website for deals, not rating the products themselves.

And is much easier when out and about.

Why would you need milk when out and about? Toddlers shouldn't be filling up on milk during the day, they need a balanced diet of food. Give them water and save the milk for bedtime.
personally i think that this is good used cows milk from 1year old but this provides the vitamins and stuff he needs that cow milk cant provide. only need 1 beaker a day and helps build immune system better. plus if you swap straight from formula to cows milk then you will make your child ill! you need to wean them off it and this is how to do it.
IF you buy this then it's a good deal.
But don't be fooled by clever marketing and key words from the makers. As they kn
Brilliant! Thank OP just got 3 £1 off cow and gate vouchers through the post as well!
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