Cow and Gate / Stage 4 (1 year plus) / (potentially) £4.94

Cow and Gate / Stage 4 (1 year plus) / (potentially) £4.94

Found 13th May 2008
for those of you with toddlers

Stage 4 milk, yellow, 900g tub is currently down from £6.94 to £5.94 in morrisons

maybe i was just lucky with my purchase but in each of the 3 tubs i bought was a further £1 off coupon off next purcahse.

theres nothing stopping you (as long as you are making the purchase) from breaking the tab taking the coupon out and using it with the purchase - so like the posts suggest potentially £4.94

(im sure you''ll get the coupon with the cow and gate milk whereevr you purchase the cow and gate from)

Voucher expiry 31/08/08

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The tubs i bought from there yesterday didnt have £1 coupons inside so it must be dependant on what stock they have in
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