Cowboy Boots £18 now £2.50 @ Tesco

Cowboy Boots £18 now £2.50 @ Tesco

Found 17th Jan 2009Made hot 17th Jan 2009
Loads in my store of Tesco (Telford) not leather says "delicate material"!

Thought they were a bargain at £2.50


yeee haaa!!!!

What colour? If red I could totally pull them off !! AWESOME

(ok saw the related episode last night from "How i met your mother")

Dark brown and light brown basically.

Few weeks ago we got loads in.

:? I bought a pair of the dark brown ones last night for 8.90 ??

Don't tease - these are cowgirl boots aren't they?


yeee haaa!!!!

you beat me to it. RAW HIDE

can you get these on-line?


can you get these on-line?


Went to my Tesco's in Plymouth. They were shocked and didn't beleive me. They are still £12 for light pair and £15 for the dark pair of brown boots.

They told me that all Tesco's seem to do different offers it is up to each individual store.

But they had loads left and have been for a while. So will keep checking you never know. :whistling:

Wife went to check yesterday at the Irvine Tesco - nothing going anywhere near that price unfortunately.

i went into tesco's yesterday and they were £12 for size 5 light brown :?
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