Cowboy spurs, silver. Free delivery.£2.99 plus postage @ Escapade

Cowboy spurs, silver. Free delivery.£2.99 plus postage @ Escapade

Found 9th Jun 2013
Watching Westworld at this late hour, I began to imagine how cost-effective one could begin to put together a cool Yul Brynner outfit. The first agenda item of course is the spurs - and I believe that at £2.99 delivered, it represents some pretty good value for money, for when you absolutely have to giddy up that horse.

Now to find the cool, black shirt and hat and the silver contacts...
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So how are you getting free delivery?
I just added them to basket and selected checkout. It comes up with delivery £0.00 - although it does a bit of obfuscation on the front-page to ask you to select a whole bunch of postage options which are very expensive. Ignore those and continue to checkout...

Oh ... hold on, that was sneaky ... when you sign in to paypal it adds £4.95 as postage. That's not good at all.
That film was dog $h1t.
This will be a spur of the moment purchase....

...I'll get my poncho.

So you haven't bothered to edit your post and include the postage then.

I actually hit expire on it, but looks like I need others to expire it too.
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