Cozy coupe £20 at asda

Cozy coupe £20 at asda



Bargain! They're brilliant!
Any one else seen these in other stores?
Hope they have these in my local Asda, bargain price!
Proper bargain, hope they have these near me in lancashire!
Hot ! Last for years and really tough.Passed ours on after years of use.
None in Dunstable but good find!
£39 about 25 years ago from memory
Anyone seen these in Hull?
Little Tykes toys are massively cheaper these days. My kids had mainly little tykes garden toys. They last forever, been passed down to cousins, still being used.
Any in Scotland?!
Hope to find one in Wembley.



Hope to find one in Wembley.

anca25: could you let me know if wembley have any? Thanks
Good price, can be a bit tricky to put together though.
Great price!
Best price ever!
hi anyone found in south east london / essex / kent please?
Only metro centre store?
Got one for the same price in Doncaster just after christmas
Is it me or are these a nightmare to put together? Got half way thru and had to stop...will go back to it later - I would pay extra to have it fully assembled rather than arriving in bits - heat added for the price by the way!
Heat added!!
They are a complete nightmare to build, I consider myself a pretty good DIYer, but the instructions are small and confusing. Make sure you put the 4 roof screws in at an angle, otherwise 2 come through the other side! And be very careful that you have everything in the correct order on the axles BEFORE you hammer on the axle caps, there us no going back.

Also, we had to exchange ours 3 times at Argos over the Christmas period. Different pieces missing in each one.

Looks great when finally built though, so heat added for the price, we paid £38 for ours.

Anyone seen these in Hull?

yeah seen a few driving about.
Just a quick warning for those of you thinking of getting one of these...
In a couple of years time it will be sat in the corner of your yard with a broken/loose steering wheel, peeled and faded stickers, rusted wheel rods and caked in dirt that won't clean off - a pathetic reminder of your wasted dreams.
Seen in Cambridge this morning, just as you walk into the shop they are on a pallet there.
Not sure my little boy actually liked his much... but I had to buy him one ... right of passage into toddler-hood.

Is now parked in the shed taking up far too much space.
Non in Deeside :(:(



Got one for the same price in Doncaster just after christmas

I'm guessing this means they have none left now
They go for that 2nd hand flea bay - heat!
Central London ????
Is this still on at this price?
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