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Posted 15 September 2022

Cozytek Electric Heated Throw 160 x 120cm £32.49 delivered @ Futura Direct

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Had myself one of these for a few days and I love it.
For those of you wanting a heated blanked not an undercover bed heater, these are fantastic for the living room sofa.

Its a bit small in size, but it heats up quick and doesn't use much energy. Perfect for before the prices of these go through the roof!

Free delivery too, and its fast to arrive.
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    had this one for a couple of years, really nice and toastie in the winter, I think I paid £20 for it, but like everything, price has gone up
    Damn that's definitely super cheap, I've been searching for ages and this is the cheapest that isn't dodgy no-name brand or a tiny 12v car one.
    Even for this price, I can't fault it, using it now
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    Disappointing that they don't mention the watts in the see description, but here you are

    I'll try to measure actual watts tonight
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    Same one £42.99 on Amazon. Good price.
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    Was looking for one, was looking at the Dreamland but that's £60 😳.

    Amazon states it's auto shut off after 3 hours .. this says 1 and 9 hours anyone know which is correct. Thanks.
    It has 9 heat control setting not hours, the throw turns off after 3 hours with the auto shut off
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    How much will I be paying on electricity with this
    120w would be 1/8th of a kWh, so roughly 4p per hour after prices rise in October (not taking into account the Government rebate, so really about 3.5p per hour).
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    Ordered, thanks OP.

    Paid by Paypal, just in case anything should go wrong.
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    How do I clean it? I'm assuming its not washable! x
    It is washable, it's unpluggable from the cable. Wash at low temps, and always air dry afterwards.

    Also do try to keep it clean in the first place, it probably won't survive many washes no matter how good the quality is. Cables fatigue when bent
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    So little information on this product. Is it a 120w power draw? What does that equate to in actual BTU produced after losses (however minimal they may be)?
    Its really not supposed to be that complex, btu figures aren't given as it's probably so small it would impact sales, at the end of the day it's just a blanket that warms up. It doesn't heat your house.
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    Throwing you some heat.
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    Someone needs to invent a windup heated throw, just like windup torches. I have a feeling it may need quite a bit of winding though.
    An elliptical machine could work, but working up a sweat on that wouldn't require a heated blanket
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    Just ordered thanx, good price
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    Ordered 2, very hot deal
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    Ordered thank you, been looking for a deal on these.
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    Thank you. Just ordered. Have been looking for the last few days
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    Thanks OP, ordered as prices on Amazon are through the roof
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    Ordered thanks! Been looking for one of these for the living room
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    Just ordered, thanks!
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    Received this a couple of days ago and I’m loving it already!!
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    Does anyone know if it comes with a guarantee. Read so many reviews on heated throws breaking after a few uses. Thanks
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    Find these always break after 6 months. Like the wires snap inside
    It's inevitable metal fatigue will occur no matter how high quality it is. To get us through this winter it'll do. It's the cheapest found anywhere, can't really complain
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    Has anyone ordered from this company before ??
    You asking in terms of warranty or if it's a scam? It's arrived for me 24 hour delivery
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    Looks like a good deal in today's money, but I have to say a normal blanket keeps me toasty enough anyway. Have to justify even a £30 spend now...

    Heat added though 😄
    I'll check in on this comment in a few months, see if you're sticking with it...
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    Is everyone happy with them
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    I ordered 2 for my mam... I've just been informed they only delivered 1... hopefully they sort it out
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    Received mine today - costs about 5p an hour to run which i think is good value however not sure if it’s just mine but it doesn’t seem to get “too hot” although gets warm (even on the highest setting) so not sure if it’s just mine
    Not getting "too hot" is probably a good thing, no?
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    Ordered. Thanks
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    Thanks OP, ordered 2 as soon as I saw the deal had them a week and can confirm they are great, only used plugged in once and only for 10 minutes and they retain heat for ages, other than they we use them not plugged in they are lovely and warm and long enough to cover me from chest to toes, I'm 5'5, was so impressed I've ordered another 2 for gifts for in-laws
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    Mine's arrived. It works. I've only tried it for about 10 minutes. I would say the material isn't as nice as my cosi home heated throw, but at this price it's better value than that one. I'm giving this one to my mum. She's still sceptical about the safety, but I told her that her oil-filled radiator is going to be too expensive to run! Thanks for sharing
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    Sold out as of 26th. Initial price £32.49, interested to see if it increases.