CPC battery clearance; BOGOF all Energizer Industrial.

CPC battery clearance; BOGOF all Energizer Industrial.

Found 10th Jan 2007
Buy one get one free on alot of batteries; well worth stocking up on/ adding to existing order as Free p and p is only on >£40 orders.

Nice rack inc 40 batteries for £32.95
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Please note CPC prices exclude VAT and Delivery.
Most of cpc's stuff has EXC vat prices in big red type and inc vat just below.
seancampbell :- moved the larger image here for you

Thanks edi!
-8.2 with only 5 views? must have been a mod cold vote?
Somewhat immature.. if you don't like it please post an alternative... and note the "worth adding to existing order".
Moderator votes if cold don't come up as -8.2 seancampbell
Also, give the post time, as quite a few people haven't actually read it yet, so it's probably a front page reader who has voted it down.
The Energizer Industrial range are the equivalent to Duracell. I buy thousands of these at work - obviously at a better price than this lol! They are excellent quality and well worth the money.
Alot cheaper are the Raovac batteries at SVP 28p per pack of 4, they outperform Duracell in tests

"-8.2 with only 5 views?"

It's normally about 2degs per vote. A negative number means people don't think the deal is very good - it's not immaturity, it's just a way of saying how good you think the deal is.
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