CPU Widget was £0.59 now FREE on Google Play - ANDROID

CPU Widget was £0.59 now FREE on Google Play - ANDROID

Found 20th Nov 2017
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CPU Widget is a collection of CPU, RAM and Battery widgets showing live information right on your Homescreen. CPU Widget app contains 4 widgets of 4x2, 3x2 and 2x2 sizes.

1. CPU Widget 3x2 :- shows current CPU frequency, CPU usage and active cores along with chipset name, image and CPU usage indicator.

2. RAM Widget 4x2 :- shows free RAM, cached processes, buffers along with Installed RAM, Usable RAM and RAM usage wheel on your Homescreen.

3. Battery Widget 2x2 :- shows remaining battery capacity, current battery temperature and battery voltage along with charging indicator.

4. RAM Widget 2x2 :- Live memory usage in 2x2 small widget right in front of you.

For feedback and suggestions, choose 'Send feedback' from within the app. For Error reporting and other problems, choose 'Report a problem' from within the app.

System requirements :-
-Android 4.1 or later

Required permissions :-
Internet :- CPU Widget requires internet to check for updates.

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It's actually orange, not that dodgy yellow shown in the screen shot.
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