Crabbies Ginger Mac 70cl £5.99 @ Lidl

Crabbies Ginger Mac 70cl £5.99 @ Lidl

Found 9th Dec 2013
Crabbies ginger mac is a blend of ginger wine and speyside whisky. Is a really nice drink and worth a try at this price, alcohol volume is something around the 17% I think.
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Lovely stuff, I got 4 bottles the other week! Good job too as I'm pretty sure Stafford ran out of it not long after and just have the mulled wine in now.
When I was a lad, it was a 'whisky mac' - but I'm guessing this is more wine than whisky!

Crabbies has alc. 13.5% ... so not a lot of whisky to reach 17%
lovely as a brandy mac

makes a delicious Brandy Mac

Just bought the last one in Bangor. No Crabbies mulled wine left there either
Check home bargains for crabbies mulled wine, saw today in Stafford for £3.99.
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