Crackdown 2 For Xbox 360 - £7.00 *Instore* @ Tesco
Crackdown 2 For Xbox 360 - £7.00 *Instore* @ Tesco

Crackdown 2 For Xbox 360 - £7.00 *Instore* @ Tesco

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Just noticed this during a lunchtime stroll to Tesco. They had a box full of discounted games. Most were rubbish but thought Crackdown 2 was a bargain at £7.00


i have played this and is a very fun game. Hot price!


what tesco? as mine usually sucks and never lowers there prices

no discounted games in my local Tesco, but there were a whole bunch of £5 Blurays, so I think this (and a few of the other recently posted Tesco deals) are going to be store specific

I hate Local Tesco's Where the hell is LOCAL anyway!

Own it already but great game, in fact I bought the toybox dlc this morning lol.

Expansion pack.

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This was in the Burgess Hill store. Randomly, it didn't have the £5 Blurays that others have (which is why I went in there!).

£15 in my store

Just checked my local because I have one FS/FT so don't want this deal to be true! ahah

Priced at £15 - scanned at £12 =/

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Hehe, sorry for threatening your sale Tom. Deal is definitely true but availability seems to be restricted.

Game very similar to the first one IMO. Made me bored very quickly which was a shame.

None in my 'local' - Swansea

Though if you use the code 'gameday' at The Hut its only £8.86 delivered

Code only works today though!

In so many ways inferior to the first, but at this price would be worth a play. I hear multiplayer is awesome though.

Also, the graphics are drastically downgraded from the first (I think it's to increase draw times and draw distance while at multiplayer).

will have a look in the local for this

Boo! 1st Crackdown was miles better, get that instead.

Blimey! Burgess hill is my local store, might pop in.

good price. I had a chance to buy this game for £5 from Amazon but I didn't. The reason because I didn't knew it will be a good game.

Weston Super Mare branch have this offer. Bought this and How to Train your Dragon for £12.

Silverburn don't have this. Priced and scanned at £22


Blimey! Burgess hill is my local store, might pop in.

Burgess Hill is my local too!


Burgess Hill is my local too!

However, it may be my local but im actually a Haywards Heathian!.
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Didn't have this in Great Yarmouth, it was in their sale at £22 as per above.

same at lowestoft branch £22,id bet some member of staff accidently put them in the games promotion bin by mistake. shame really id have had this as i really enjoyed crackdown

Same here for £22 must be a store specific job

Nice, Heat added, played the 1st version of this, was brilliant, looking forward to picking this up tomorrow on the weekly shop
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