Crackdown 2 xbox 360 £17.99 @ dvd.co.uk
Crackdown 2 xbox 360 £17.99 @ dvd.co.uk

Crackdown 2 xbox 360 £17.99 @ dvd.co.uk

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first post so play nice :P

Online at £17.99 - cracking price!

game desc as follows

Pacific City needs heroes now more than ever. In Crackdown 2, a viral outbreak has decimated the city and reduced The Agency to a husk.

By day, gangs and the mysterious Cell patrol the streets of Pacific City. By night, infected freaks roam in packs. It's time to take back the city and wash the scum off the streets.

Crackdown 2 features all-new, built-from-the-ground-up four-player cooperative superagent action and all-new 16 player competitive action. Whether playing with friends, against enemies, or on your own, build up your superpowers by the way you play and explore Pacific City, then take out the trash with massive moves – throw cars, jump buildings and smash hordes of enemies.

Crackdown is the ultimate open-ended action experience that lets you be judge, jury, and executioner for a vast and fully explorable Pacific City as you eliminate all threats with your friends on LIVE.

The ultimate LIVE experience

Transition seamlessly from playing on your own, to playing co-operatively with your friends, to competitively against your foes!

4 Player Drop In/Out Seamless Co-Op

16 Player PvP Multiplayer

Player empowerment

The game will continually reward players by providing constant improvement as you transform from a rookie Agent to a pumped up bad-ass

Level up your skills through new and exciting missions

Player has the complete freedom to play the game however they want

New abilities and tools encourage player creativity

Over-the-top gameplay action

Leap across the rooftops! Throw vehicles like toys! Blow up entire streets! Take on the entire city, and win!

Emphasis is on frantic, all out blasting gameplay

City life

Cell guard their territories round the clock, Freaks scour the streets at night and civilians keep their distance living in fear

A distinct Night and Day theme results in very different gameplay mechanics

True "Open World" in every sense of the word - entire city is unlocked from the start

Guns, gadgets and gizmos

Crackdown favorites like the Harpoon Gun make a comeback.

New additions include UV weapons, Piton Gun, Magnetic Grenades, and the Wingsuit, among others

All with the emphasis of ridiculous fun!


Hunt for Orbs, including new types, throughout the city to increase your skills


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This game is great fun, the freaks coming out at night and the terrorist cell during the day is a cool aspect.

hasnt this game just come out and totally devalued?


hasnt this game just come out and totally devalued?

didnt meet expectations

Enjoyed the first game...did not bother with the second...still good price for recently released game though.

Just ordered from 101cd.com, thanks

Thanks, ordered.

at that price, its a bargain - everywhere else its still over £20..

I've ordered it. Would be rude not to.

Crackdown 1 dropped so quickly in price that it's probably worth holding on for sub 10

stupidly cheap

Falling price is falling. I've been fairly outspoken about my disappointment with the demo, but that's absurd devaluation for a new release.


@ £18 this is now a good buy. Heat added.

Thank you! I Orderd me and my mates were waiting for the price on this to drop!

I loved the first one so much that i have to buy this for less than £20
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