Crackdown 2 (Xbox 360) £5.49 @ Choices uk

Crackdown 2 (Xbox 360) £5.49 @ Choices uk

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Not familiar with choices, are they alright?

Great price. heat.

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Not familiar with choices, are they alright?Great price. heat.

Yes they are fine

man the site seems to have slowed down the instance it was made hot lol Thanks mate managed to get it anyway.
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Great find mate. Cheers!

Good price for a great game. Personally, I think the first one is better, but still really enjoyed this!


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Choices website is verrrrrryyyy sllooooooooooow

hot! any voucher codes?

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hot! any voucher codes?


i know this game is really hit and miss (mainly a miss compared to the previous one) but at this price it's probably worth a go!

Actually a great title, took a bit of getting use to after not playing the first one in ages but gets really good after a while. Always found the combat to be a bit fidgity, swapping between targets and so on but still great when you get use to it.

Also, if you anyone hasn't got the first one I suggest going for that too. Better than this in my opinion.

ordered 2 :)!

Cool ordered

5% Quidco

i ordered eventually, site is kinda slow! does anyone know if many people still play multiplayer?


great price....

Me think's this could be a misprice.

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Me think's this could be a misprice.

Its not - loads of games very cheap

Brilliant price, paid more than that for number 1 second hand (which was a cracking game)

Ordered, thanks for the post.

Oh, and I think I got the last one - at least that's what it said when I was ordering.

Great game in coop, bit dull in single player

Yep, this one's gone now. The product page has been taken down.

anyone get an order confirmation?

Sorry. That product does not exist.


I didn't get an email confirmation but it says allocated in my outstanding orders page.Hope i get 1.
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