Crackdown 2 (XBox360) £4.99 @ Play.Com

Crackdown 2 (XBox360) £4.99 @ Play.Com

Found 18th May 2012
Cheapest I've seen this. Half decent game too. Elsewhere:-
The HUT £9.95
TheGameCollection £9.95
Gameseek £12.18
Amazon UK £12.20
Tesco £27.37

Pacific City needs your help, agents. A new enemy has overrun the city and it's time to restore law and order by any means necessary. Developed by Ruffian Games exclusively for Xbox 360, Crackdown 2 is the sequel to the award-winning 2007 title, Crackdown. Offering cutting edge gameplay, Crackdown 2 will take multiplayer gaming to unprecedented heights, providing you and your friends with complete freedom to explore, destroy, and play your way as you restore justice to Pacific City with 16-player PVP and 4-player co-op.

Remember agent: justice, by any means necessary.

Crackdown is the ultimate open-ended action experience that lets you be judge, jury, and executioner for a vast and fully explorable Pacific City as you eliminate all threats with your friends on LIVE.
The ultimate LIVE experience:
Transition seamlessly from playing on your own, to playing co-operatively with your friends, to competitively against your foes!
4 Player Drop In/Out Seamless Co-Op
16 Player PvP Multiplayer
Player empowerment:
The game will continually reward players by providing constant improvement as you transform from a rookie Agent to a pumped up bad-ass
Level up your skills through new and exciting missions
Player has the complete freedom to play the game however they want
New abilities and tools encourage player creativity
Over-the-top gameplay action:
Leap across the rooftops! Throw vehicles like toys! Blow up entire streets! Take on the entire city, and win!
Emphasis is on frantic, all out blasting gameplay
City life:
Cell guard their territories round the clock, Freaks scour the streets at night and civilians keep their distance living in fear
A distinct Night and Day theme results in very different gameplay mechanics
True "Open World" in every sense of the word - entire city is unlocked from the start
Guns, gadgets and gizmos:
Crackdown favorites like the Harpoon Gun make a comeback.
New additions include UV weapons, Piton Gun, Magnetic Grenades, and the Wingsuit, among others
All with the emphasis of ridiculous fun!
Hunt for Orbs, including new types, throughout the city to increase your skills
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I got this like a year ago at the same price and it's still sitting on the shelf, sealed
been this price on before but still awesome price for an awesome game.
Got to be worth a go at a fiver
I'm playing through this now it okay game it like a simple Prototype game.
Abysmal game, avoid at all costs, not even worth a fiver...
Reasonable price, crap game.
Cheers OP , Have this already but needed another copy for multiplayer fun
AH-mazing game, loved it, still play it trying to get all the collectibles.

EDIT: BTW, I played with 3 other friends through most of it, also bought a few bits of DLC (was very cheap).
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Good price for a new game, but the first is much better.
Thoroughly disappointing game when you consider just how good the original was. I bought the first one purely to get access to the Halo 3 beta like 99% of other buyers. In the end it was one of my favourite games of all time and I ended up enjoying it far more than Halo 3 when it was eventually released. This is **** poor in comparison. The colourful visuals are replaced by "gritty" dark tones and muted landscaped and the shoe-horning of zombie like monsters just shows how little imagination went into the development on this game. No super cool transforming cars like the original, nowhere near the same level of orb collecting addiction and generally a miserable game to play. It may be £5, but so is the original game at most places (second-hand) and that's far more worthy of your time.
Worth a blast for a fiver, cheers OP!
cheers op hot deal never finished this so worth the buy imo
I had a lot of fun with the game, definitely more fun with a friend though
i think i completed this but not got all the collectables an stuff so at this price its a steal
Expired, now £9.99
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