Crackdown on Xbox 360 - £5.79 delivered from

Crackdown on Xbox 360 - £5.79 delivered from

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Gives an average rating of 83.24% with 89 reviews and there seems to be a few 9/10 in there as well. It seems worth a punt at £5.79 if you're not already got it and Crackdown 2 is due for release sometime soon according to amazon.


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Is the link!

i never thought i'd like this game - got it originally as it has a halo 3 multiplayer trial in it.

never been a fan of the 3rd person GTA styled games but this one was amazing. all the super powers and silliness - it was just brilliant.. loved it. good price

One of my fav games on the 360, well worth the asking price and more!

Great for co-op play, amazing game, hope the bring out Crackdown2 soon.

Cracking price... get it?

Great game, you cant go wrong for £5.

fun for the first half of the game but then just got really repetitive for me
still, great price, if you wanna save a bit more its 4.99 preowned at gamestation.

Great game! If you haven't already got/played this, then what are you doing??? Buy it!

I really couldn't get into this despite the rave reviews, it's one of the few games which doesn't support the 'install to hard disk' function, so it has to play from the disc (and makes a lot of noise in the process).

I really enjoy this, it's a nice distraction to play every now and again. It's a real bargain for less than sick squid.

HMV have this for £4.99 and all the usual extra perks.

"Skills for Kills, Agent... Skills for Kills"

fantastic game -but you have to power up!

the fools who seem to play an hour and decide its crap just dont understand.

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This hasn't expired Amazon are still taking orders for the same price but there is a 1-2 month delivery time (which is going to become the norm with the postal strike?).

Any ideas on how to unexpire?
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