Crackdown (XBOX 360) - £3.85 Delivered @

Crackdown (XBOX 360) - £3.85 Delivered @

Found 1st Oct 2012
Great game, the orb hunting alone is worth the money

Brilliant experience from a legendary game designer. From Dave Jones, the creative mastermind behind Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings, comes Crackdown, an explosive masterpiece set to define open-world, free-form next-generation gaming.

True next-generation visuals. Harnessing the power of Xbox 360, Crackdown players enforce justice against the backdrop of a crime-ridden metropolis that is massive in scale, monstrous in scope and meticulous in detail.

Cooperative gameplay for double the mayhem.

3-D free-form gameplay. For the first time ever, an urban playground has been created to encourage players to explore and exploit the full width, depth and height of a city. Players wage war on the crime syndicates by taking part in high-octane chases on foot and on wheels while using any appropriate route along, around, across, over, under or through the environment.

Over-the-top action. All strategies and tactics are acceptable, provided players reclaim the streets by unleashing the awesome abilities inside each agent. As players develop and hone their gameplay skills, their agent's genetic tendencies will increase, allowing players to realize their agent's full potential. Players will be able to run at dazzling speeds, take death-defying leaps, handle the most incredible weapons, perform impossible vehicular maneuvers, move massive objects and deliver bone-crushing blows.

Music as environment. More than 100 licensed tracks, spanning a wide range of styles and genres, give audio identities to characters and locations

The environment as a weapon. Is a character low on ammo? No problem. Thanks to an amazing amount of props and a deep physics system, players can use whatever they can get their hands on as weapons - trash cans, vehicles, even people - to clean the streets of crime.
Crackdown pushes the action-driving hybrid genre into the next generation with the first ever truly 3-D playground. Gamers will enforce justice by any means necessary in Pacific City, a crime-ridden urban center built to encourage the exploration of the full width, depth and height of the city. Coupled with highly innovative co-op gameplay - a genre first - and an interactive world where nearly anything can be used as a weapon, gamers will be able to create a volatile cocktail of judicial oppression as they clean up the streets.
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Wish I'd finished this before selling my 360. It's my second favourite game all gen. For a long time, it was the most fun I'd ever had on a game.
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Great Price, Ordered cheers OP
Got this for my new Xbox....just to make a change from Halo!....cheers op.
So much better than the sequel.

I loved this game and found it so addictive hunting down those last few orbs - great value at this price, and you'd probably struggle to find it preowned much cheaper


So much better than the sequel.

Crackdown 2 pretty much just delivered the same game - it's main failing was that it felt like Crackdown 1.5 rather than a proper sequel.
A quid in poundland stores if you're lucky enough to find some copies in there.

It does have a polish manual mind you, but the game's in full english.
Great price for a new copy, if you are looking for an original copy though in mint condition then its £2.76 at amazon warehouse (basically customer returns or old sometimes brand new stock they never sold).
Thanks, ordered and voted hot.
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