Crackdown Xbox 360 Pre-owned IN STORE @ Gamestation £4.99

Crackdown Xbox 360 Pre-owned IN STORE @ Gamestation £4.99

Found 20th Aug 2008Made hot 21st Aug 2008
Seems like a pretty good deal

£7.99 pre-owned at


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Those people who are voting cold at least explain why you are doing so

awesome and slightly underrated game(think it was because it came with the halo 3beta and people bought it for that),might have to pick this up again as I completed it on my old profile and wouldn't mind playing it again-onlydownside it I could hear the sound of the orbs that are scattered around the city that you collect for months afterwards :oops:

Oh it's in store only? I'll check it out tomorrow then.

Great little game, Loved climbing the centre tower and I should really go back and collect all the orbs at some point, HOT for me at this price.

Still 7.99 in my local Gamestation. Gutted.

Yea, great game - absolute bargain at a fiver!

Quality game! Plus online people still playing!!

Well worth a fiver!!

Very decent game! And a great price

a bargain at 5 squid

Quality game if very repetitive. Hot for 5 notes!!!

Are they doing a Crackdown 2?

Its also part of the 4 for £20 deal

You can also use student discount on top of the 4 for £20, so £18 is possible :thumbsup:

If I remember correctly there also was:

Bullet Witch
Call Of Duty 2
Just Cause
Monster Madness
Open Season
Perfect Dark Zero
Project Gothem 3
Splinter Cell Double Agent
Star Trek: Legacy
Table Tennis
Tomb Raider Legend
The Darkness
(and others)

You can also mix and match with other platforms (which are in the 4 for £20 deal).

Sweet thanks ill pick this up tomorrow.

Quality game. Lots of fun

A good game defo worth it at that price :thumbsup:

Actually you can buy preowned games online from gamestation. In fact it's listed on the site at £4.99.

Er it's not 4.99 instore, this is an online only price, and you cannot get student discount at Gamestation on special offers either. 7.99 instore.

I can only find it online at £12.99 (new). It says from £4.99 but that's the strategy guide! Anyone actually bought it for £4.99?

£7.99 in my local gamestation too, as mentioned it is part of the 4 for £20 deals


Click the link above to go to the Crackdown product page where it lists it as pre-owned for £4.99 :thumbsup:

Got this today and it's sealed. Sweet!
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