Cracker- Complete Collection 11 DVD Boxset- £28.95 before 4% Quidco

Cracker- Complete Collection 11 DVD Boxset- £28.95 before 4% Quidco

Found 17th May 2008
'Fitz' Fitzgerald is an insulting, nosy, loathsome individual who is a drunken excuse for a husband, a lousy father, and a gambling washout but he has one saving grace - he is a brilliant psychologist with an uncanny ability to see the evil in people, make them confess and walk away unscathed. He seems to understand the criminal mind, most probably because his mind isn't that far removed from the criminals he deals with.

Contains episodes:
- The Mad Woman in the Attic.
- To Say I Love You.
- One Day a Lemming will Fly.
- To Be a Somebody.
- The Big Church.
- Men Should Weep.
- Brotherly Love.
- Best Boys.
- True Romance.
- White Ghost.
- Cracker (2006).

A brilliant series and this is the lowest price on this ever. Quidco is 4% making it even cheaper


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Unable to complete the direct link or post a piccy due to being on works comps if someone can help!

Good spot. Its the best thing ITV have ever produced

Great price

Heated and repped.

Be good, Dio

Excellent find.
How can WH Smith justify selling this for £124.99?

remember that AWESOME performance from Robert Carlyle ...

L-I-V ... E-R-P ... O-O-L ... Liverpool FC ...

great price for one of the best ever things on TV (who would've thought funny man Robbie C could've played it so straight ?)

Brilliant find, just ordered one I used to love Cracker

my wasband bought me on episode for Xmas, but after watching it I wanted more not for 124 quid though

I have voted hot (I think)

Excellent, just ordered it

Saw this in Borders today for £55 and that was their sale price, I'd seen it in Zavvi for £40 and was thinking of getting it from there, but then I saw this post. Ordered, added heat and rep, cheers!

That is a cracker of a deal. Wanted this for years and finally gone and bought. Thanks OP, H&R added.:)
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