cracking deal 2 camping chairs for £10 Asda

cracking deal 2 camping chairs for £10 Asda

LocalFound 21st Jun 2017
£7 each or 2 for £10. asda cribbs causeway.

comfy & the member of staff wouldn't take a photo of me sat on one.
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Heat for asking someone to take your photo!
Nice one X)

Maybe someone could superimpose your effigy on one of the chairs...
Got 2 from ASDA Hayle. They are behind the tills by the window. Decent for the money.
I'm glad I only bought one. DO NOT waste your money on this junk. "Well padded"? There is no padding whatsoever! They are badly designed and badly made. You can't sit comfortably without putting one of your own cushions on it to sit on.
I bought these, they're really uncomfortable
don't want your money, these chairs are not comfortable at all.
these are OK and good value for the price probably excellent for kids voted hot

for twice the money these are very good…ble
the link isn't working but its an inflatable chair and footstool
these are crap... mine broke
Utter toot - save your money
I'm really hoping that the 2 for £15 ones we bought in millets the other day are going to be a better investment than these ones. probably all made in the same factory though... :-(
Can people just post their deals and not try to influence people by putting words like "cracking deal" in the title? Most reviews say these are utter s~#t, so maybe put that in the title.
I'm glad people have said these are uncomfortable. Was going to buy 2 for our caravan holiday.
They are OK but this is effectively the normal price so not really a hot deal in my opinion.
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