Cranberry & Raspberry Snapple 500ml Only 39p @ B&M Retail!!!!!!!

Cranberry & Raspberry Snapple 500ml Only 39p @ B&M Retail!!!!!!!

Found 16th Apr 2009
As Title states......never seen this available in the UK before, maybe i have just been unlucky, delish no matter what....Mmmmmmmmmm.................

Comes in glass bottle
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The cadbury fatory shop in doncaster sells this about £1.30 in there its lush
it came out about 13 years ago

never really see it these days but they were really refreshing and lush
i wish i could get this stuff locally, this is gorgeous, drank loads of this in the US they have al sorts of flavours, the grape is soo sweeeeeet.
I also seem to remember this from years ago, can't remember which flavour I had, was yummy though.
oh i love this juice...thank god i have a local Iceland that stocks them, havent seen anywhere else aswell.
try your local iceland, they did two for £1.50 a week ago.
good luck
i just moved back to Ferryhill and they have one of these stores now, gonna be able to grab all the good deals i hope and be able to report some too.
yes i remember having snapple as a nipper. its well nice. spec in the summer!
I have never heard of a B&M store. Where are these? I love snapple. However this country also does not have the magnificent mountain dew. Which is stupid.
Best. Flavour. Ever. Never heard of B&M before, though.
That's probably cos you live 'darrn sarf' - B & M are a lovely 'Birmingham and northwards' kind of retailer! Sorry!!

Got mine in the newport (shropshire) branch if that helps anyone nearby :-)
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