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Crane Acupressure Mat £14.99 (£2.95 delivery) @ Aldi

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Posted 16th Jun 2022

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Seen these advertised on Facebook... Looked and they where £100 for matt & pillow. Thought would give it a try at £15. Currently lead on it now and rather chilled out. On first try seems good

Upgrade your recovery programme with the Crane Acupressure Mat.

FREE STANDARD DELIVERY OVER £30 or buy in store.



Mat: 74 x 42 x 2cm, Pillow: 37 x 15 x 10cm, Bag: 52 x 22 x 22cm (approx.)


Polyester, Foam, Cotton

Product Type:


Alleviate aching muscles with the help of this Crane Acupressure Mat. An innovative mat that is perfect for relaxation and body massage. Soothe your tired muscles and get your body back to its best. Included in this set you'll get a mat, pillow and storage bag.

1 x Acupressure Mat
1 x Acupressure Pillow
Alleviate aching muscles
Great for relaxation
Enhance your wellbeing
Soothes muscle tiredness
Mat nails: 210 pieces
Pillow nails: 54 pieces

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    This particular one I don’t know but I got one off Amazon and they’re SO GOOD! No they won’t fix medical conditions and broken or wonky spines BUT it’s for tension in muscles, knots, bad posture pain and stiffness and overall warming up your muscles and compressing them to get them drawing blood towards them and in turn relaxing the tension in the areas.

    I started with 5-10 on with thin T-shirt laying on my back. Then without T-shirt. Now it’s up to 1hr and I am usually asleep by then. It’s fantastic after a long day at desk. Neck pillow is not as stiff so kinda sink in with my big head but does the job when I put it over a regular pillow then lie on it.

    Give it a go. The invention I mean. Not this item particularly from ALDI.
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    I tried this instead of forking out for more expensive versions, the cynic in me expected nothing but it sends me to sleep in 5 mins!!
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    I have those (not from Aldi but looking exactly the same) and they are quite rubbish. Not in the slightest comparable to the more expensive versions with grains or seeds inside. A bit of a gimmick to use initially to be fair but they don't really help with longer term relaxation or health benefits. I wish I didn't waste my money
    I don't think it's supposed to do those things lol. Stress relief and get out tension etc.

    But fair enough. Also how is the grains or seeds going to help? I mean I'm no expert. But well I'm happy anyway.
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    I have a shakti-mat which is basically the same. If you persevere I find it is quite good. If you're not sure what to do with it look up shakti for hints/tips.... trying to pluck up guts to stand on it. (edited)
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    I for one am not being pinned down or put under pressure to buy this item
    I think you nailed it
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    I've got a Shakti mat top stuff
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    Got mine off Amazon totally skeptical but boy was I wrong, helps with my anxiety, stress, aches and I swear I get a muchly improved nights sleep when I lay onit before bed. Definitely noticed that I wake up less for the bathroom! Can now fall asleep on it too. I don't know how it works but I'm considering getting a second to have a full body length experience.
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    Facebook seller alert