Crane Certified Motorcycle Jackets £89 @ Aldi

Crane Certified Motorcycle Jackets £89 @ Aldi

Found 23rd Mar 2017
Good value for high quality textile jackets,these exceed the requirements for impact abrasion and impact cut resistance demanded by the European standard for zones 1 and 2 in all zones.
Often,even in premium brands,it is only the protectors that are certified,
not the rest of the jacket.

Brand: Crane
Colour: Black/Red/Charcoal
Gender: Mens/Womens
Iron: No
Material: 100% Polyester with Polyamide sleeves & shoulders
Pockets: 5+
Product Type: Motorcycle Clothing
Size: M, L, XL
Tumble Dry: No
Washing Temperature: 30°C Gentle
Waterproof: Up to 10000mm

Matching trousers also available for £69.
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I've been waiting for this, and run out of money just in time
i was hoping for more high visibility on the jacket, and some waterproof gloves. currently wearing crane boots, trousers, jacket and gloves and it's great gear though the boots could be wider
Looks great been waiting for something to spend a voucher I had on. Hopefully it'll be worth it
soldier 76 reporting
So a crane falls on it, it won't damage it oO
Not voting either way..when Aldi first started doing motorcycle gear their prices were competitive, now shopping around you can get quality textile stuff for the same cost or less by good quality brands, the likes of Weise with old stock on eBay.

Heat added, I was hoping they would have the boots too but they don't seem to be on sale this year
last years gloves were excellent, look different this year. Wonder if they will come instore.
Has anyone seen these in store? Was told it wasn't on until the 30th.
Seems pricey compared to previous years and branded jackets aren't much different in price. However saying that it's not a bad looking jacket (assuming the word 'Crane' isn't emblazened upon it) and quality looks decent
Not just jackets, some available on line the rest on line on Thursday. Some female items as well.
The Aramide (not Kevlar, that's a brand name...) jeans are good value at £40. Get a pair that fit you well, and they're great for summer/casual riding. A bit too heavy and bulky for wearing when not riding (unlike more expensive options, like Hood or BMW, for instance). Also pretty bulky if you're packing a spare pair for a riding holiday.

But hey, they're CE certified and they're forty quid (which is cheaper than many non-biking jeans!)

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