Cranium Hullabaloo only £7.49  at Amazon

Cranium Hullabaloo only £7.49 at Amazon

Found 19th Feb 2008
This is reduced from £19.99 - a great price! Gets 4 five star reviews too on Amazon site, so seems like a bargain!!
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Great game for young children - probably best suit 3-6 year olds. My two love playing it (3 and 5). You need quite a bit of floor space to be able to play it properly though................
If you look at the Cranium deals at Amazon there are several really good ones. A really great one is the Cranium Super Fort which is a series of play tents for children which they can construct into lots of different imaginative ideas and this is very highly reviewed- selling at £19.99 reduced from £39.99. I have bought one on the strength of the brilliant reviews......!
we bought this for our 2 for christmas and they love it. Great price!
I thought the title was Cannibal Holocaust for a second then.
my kids love this game-keeps them active too!!
The Cranium Hullabaloo is an incredible game. I've personally bought it and the kids love it. For people who want to inform themselves about the game, they can go here, it pretty much sums everything up: ]Cranium Hullabaloo
Great price. Heat added.

Has anyone seen Cranium Family recently at a decent price?

We got it last year and my kids love it, would like to get another for friend's children.

Just realised this is a v. old deal, don't know how it came to the top of the list???
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