Cranium Kabookii (Wii) £14.45 @ Amazon
Cranium Kabookii (Wii) £14.45 @ Amazon

Cranium Kabookii (Wii) £14.45 @ Amazon

Was £29.99 available for £14.45 + 1.99 P&P

Cranium Kabookii brings a new dimension to Wii play by celebrating the amazing things friends and family can do as they create, perform, discover and connect with one another. Using the Wii Remote and special Kabookii Decoder Glasses, Cranium Kabookii changes the television screen into a living canvas where teams jam, draw, act, puzzle and even crack codes to win.


Seems like a good price. Any one got this for some reviews?

Sounds interesting...

Cranium Kabookii Wii is played with a single Wii remote, and allows up to 4 teams to play and challenge each other in 15 puzzle games in the 4 categories used in the board game. In addition to using the Wii Remote, players also use Red Decoder Glasses, which come with the game. These glasses allow one player to see clues on the TV screen without revealing the answers to the other players in the room.

some reviews ]here

averages 65% on gamerankings

its not from amazon but a 3rd party seller

It's now £19.96 from Amazon.

However, it's £ 39.98 from PC World.

By my (limited) maths ability, that's £20 difference so with the 10% discount deal you should get it for £18 from PC World
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