Crash Bandicoot™N. Sane Trilogy Launch Pack (UK/EU) PS4

Crash Bandicoot™N. Sane Trilogy Launch Pack (UK/EU) PS4

Found 4th Jul 2017
Includes a dynamic theme from the game art and avatars of Dr. Neo Cortex and Uka Uka.
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Heated thanks
Awesome. Heat added
Great find - heat - cheers!
Downloaded thanks
Added heat, was after this when I bought the digital version.
Cheers for the heads up!

Have some heat
Great find, but where do I actually buy a physical copy of the game? Seems to be out of stock everywhere!
Thank you very much
Amazon £30 they get a shipment in on Wednesday I have Amazon prime and will be delivered Thursday
SO glad this game is getting the praise it deserves, dominating the sales charts at the moment May finally give a kick to the devs to make a new Crash game for next gen. Although I would equally like to see a Spyro Trilogy remaster too

Believe it or not I've never played any of them
odd, I'm seeing £49.99 for this on Amazon!
Third party seller as it's oos from Amazon direct and oos in a lot of places so people looking to make a few £
Got all excited until I read the OP properly and realized this isn't a free game.
yes, I'd be happy to pay £30, but not going anywhere near £50! it is out of stock everywhere!
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