Crash of The Titans (Wii)- £17.99 Delivered at

Crash of The Titans (Wii)- £17.99 Delivered at

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Crash of The Titans (Nintendo Wii) £17.99

In his latest episode, Crash is on a quest spanning exotic islands in search for his ultimate nemesis, Nina and Neo Cortex, who have wreaked havoc by using their powers to mutate creatures and mastermind a nefarious plot of destruction. Crash, with his daredevil persona, coupled with a completely intuitive and original acrobatic combat style lends himself to fast and satisfying fighting. Crash of the Titans gives unprecedented power and control to kids. Crash Jack to take the enemy's abilities and use them against each other. The bigger the foe the bigger the opportunity!


68% on Metacritic, apparently a very enjoyable, combat heavy platformer, with a rather unforgiving camera. It's also got co-op play. If I wasn't getting Metroid this week and Mario Galaxy wasn't due it two weeks, I'd definitely buy at this price.

Should be a great one for the kids.

I had a quick go on it and found it one of the more enjoyable games on the wii, comical with good use of the controls

wow, thank you, rep and heat added!!!!

excellent game, quite a bit to unlock and its comical

Deal was already posted on this thread:


Had tried to un-expire it all to no avail however! Post #14

i'm in for this. play and sell to cex, sounds like a plan

Just ordered a couple (one for my kids and one for a xmas pressie) thanks - heat and rep added

Thanks - one tick off the Christmas list for our eldest

Still waiting for my copy. It says it is on back order and still priced at £17.99 though it is now £29.99 on the site. Hope they still charge me £17.99 when it is back in stock and they release it to me.

Back to £29.99 now, good deal for those that got it cheap.…mp;

Have a look at that link. The only downside is that the delivery could be 2 weeks.

Thanks op got this last week but havent played on it yet but chuffed at the price!
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