Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available
Crave Cat & Dog food free (online Money back claim) - £5 ~@ Asda
58° Expired

Crave Cat & Dog food free (online Money back claim) - £5 ~@ Asda

Posted 19th Apr 2019

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

I saw this in Asda last night.
Crave Cat and Dog food, first pack free with a receipt.

I know it's available at Asda's, Tesco's Sainsburies

I don't know if it's any good yet, our cat is a little picky.

Here's how to claim:
1. Buy the product.
2. Go online at cravepetfood.co.uk/fre…ackcravepetfood.co.uk/fre…ack
3. Complete the form, with either
a. Your bank details,
b. PayPal address (I think this has to be the same as your email address for mail, it didn't allow 2 different addresses)
4. Careful of the wording for the junk mail option. It's confusing ( well it was at 2 am)
5. Upload a photo of your receipt. (I would do it immediately or you'll forget).
6. Wait up to 6 weeks for the refund.

I only just did it last night so will let you know how it goes.
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What a carry on
Did this a while back & got my refund via PayPal, not tried it out on the cat yet!
Bought this a couple of weeks ago , I know the refund can be up to 6 weeks , so really should keep an eye out , as I think it was more than this then . My cat shouldn’t have had it , as is on special diet, but turned her nose up at it and refused to go near it . I passed it on to mum for the feral cat she feeds , will ask her this weekend if he ate it !!!
daveandvera13 m ago

What a carry on

It's a very quick & easy process for anyone who fancies. Payout maybe not that quick, but what's the rush. & it's from Mars. Not the planet.
I totally want money from the planet.

Good deal, and as for it being a carry on, well it's then free...that's the point of deals on here. Nice
Do you get a confirmation email? I also did this yesterday but never got anything
Don’t hold your breath on this one been in touch with Crave waited now for three months very bad communication .I don’t think they like giving you your money back
1walkersteven8 m ago

Do you get a confirmation email? I also did this yesterday but never got …Do you get a confirmation email? I also did this yesterday but never got anything

I've not received anything at all either.
I did keep a photo of the receipt just in case
Done it
Usually feed our pug on aatu dog food but was running out, tried crave & he loved it! Also applied for my £5 back
they were giving this away free in the high street a few weeks ago,my french Bulldog ate it ok,seemed a bit like gravy bones,shiny pellets.I just don't think it looks right,I am not changing his food for another 7 months anyway as he is on a special puppy food,but maybe then I would consider it.
I purchased and uploaded my receipt 6 weeks ago today but haven't received my refund.
I uploaded my receipts the day I bought the food.
Yesterday, I received an email stating they had been processed:

"Thank you for purchasing Crave™, sincere apologies for any delay in processing your claim. We hope that you and your pet were fully satisfied with the CraveTM experience.

We’d love to hear if your pet loved Crave, please visit our Facebook page ‘Crave UK’ and let us know what you think.

Your claim for the FIRST PACK FREE offer has been processed and you should receive your payment into the account details you registered with, within the next 3 working days

Best Wishes,
The Crave™ team"

Also, even though our cat loved Crave, we realised she was losing more fur than normal so decided to stick to the original.
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