Cravendale 2l purfiltre milk only £1 at Asda

Cravendale 2l purfiltre milk only £1 at Asda

Found 4th Jun 2008
Just got back from Asda and noticed that all the 2l Cravendale Milk is roll backed to £1. I know there have been a lot of 2 for £2 offers on recently but this is better for me as I don't have much room in the fridge.

This milk is specially filtered and is good for a week after opening (although from reading some posts on earlier deals it seems some people make it last upto a month!!)

I checked online and for some reason only the skimmed was showing at £1 with the semi and whole at £1.56 and £1.46. However I bought semi and whole and both cost £1.
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do you know when the offer is until?

do you know when the offer is until?

I'm afraid not. It just had a normal small ticket on, not the larger ones that have then end date easily displayed.
I bought one of these yesterday from ASDA aint tried it yet though. Is a good deal though
great find thanks.. heated n repped
i think it is on till 16 june and the offer have been on for 2 week
Admin, PLEASE make a Supermarket deals section

Admin, PLEASE make a Supermarket deals section

We have one already, it's under the "Groceries" tab at the top of the page. Silly american name for it anyway...
Good find. Heat left for you.:)
This milk tastes lovely, and the use by dates are much better than standard milk.
I thought the 2 for £2 finished on the 3rd.....
you do know that you can freeze them ?? ;-) i always freeze my milk when i do my weekly shop i buy enough for the all of the week
Mmm. I picked up two bottles of this yesterday. Gorgeous milk.
Excellent offer.

The 2 for £2 was good but I cant really get through so much milk even if it lasts longer.

Plus takes up fridge space for the 10 days or so i will have one 2 litre there for,

This makes better sense.

Also the milk in my opinion tastes better than normal milk.
I love Asda!! and they are starting home delivery from my store next week yipee!! Goodbye Tesco.
i love cravendale :thumbsup: tastes so fresh!
I love this deal, I can buy a few because they last ages.
Cravendale is the best milk....tastes soooo good!
It was normal price in asda Southampton yesterday. £1.56. I really like this milk. Once the 2 for £2 offer ends on the normal milk I will start buying this as it's £1.44 vs £1.56 and it lasts longer and is nicer.
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