Crawford's Teatime Varieties (900g) £1 @ ASDA Instore

Crawford's Teatime Varieties (900g) £1 @ ASDA Instore

Found 21st Dec 2011
Just been into my local ASDA (Swindon) and they had lots of these piled up for just £1! Contains 85 biscuits and would make a nice present. Looks like it will be a nationwide deal too
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If someone gave this to me as a present, they wouldn't be getting one next year...



i paid £2.50 in the co-op for these so hot from me.
Alot of biscuits for a £1 hot for me
£1 for the biscuits makes it a hot deal, but giving these as a present is really 'taking the biscuit'
Great deal, but awful biscuits IMHO
Just got 3 Boxes from asda spondon so it looks like its everywhere.
Saw them at £2 in Hartlepool a few mins ago (on an end of an aisle, as well as a big display in the foyer), so not £1 in all stores. I didn't try scanning - I was short of time and figured the pricing on two big displays is probably right, but you never know...
Just got these from Asda Cwmbran for £1.
BB date of summer next year so stocking up

Also had the Asda Indulgent Chocolate biscuit selection (330g) down to £1 aswell

and would make a nice present

If you're giving biccies as a present, go the extra £1 and give these…989 (posted by 'bundle')
just paid £2.50 from our co-op so heat added from me
Great deal - heat added
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About time this reached the hot page - had to spam at least 2 later posts for this deal because most people thought it hadn't been posted....
good price have some heat
I prefer the revolutionary biscuits - Lincoln, Garibaldi, Trotsky Tea Time Assortment
Don't rate the biscuits as I think even tesco/asda's value/smart range would taste better. Bargain for a £1 ! Heat added even though I don't like crawford biscuits !
Just come back from asda in Wolverhampton, they didn't have any there.

Still a good price, hot from me.
Assa far borough had these for £3 last night
Bahhh ,ya loada snobs !!
I see nothing wrong with going armed with a box of these whilst visiting during the festive period ,more useful (tasty ) than a bunch of poncy flowers or a bottle of wine when you have no idea of their taste in wine .
got them for £1 at kilmarnock x
dunfermline has loads
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